NewCS v.1.64 - interim service pack

v.1.64 - interim service pack - limited binaries
Viaccess and Seca fixes
'Killall' command fixed
Added the ability to add virtual cards to Chameleon2 that are not included in the built in list
N.B. must be added to chameleon2 section of xml like so


PW HD how to

use mgcamd, with following file setup for mgcamd (not newcs):

X: {{ 1833 } { 1702 }}

# ignore caids
X: { 17 02 }

This will make mgcamd ignore CAID 1702 from transport stream and in same time replace CAID 1833 to 1702. Ignore list is used in order to stop mgcamd sending two ECM packets to the same card, one for CAID 1702 and one for CAID 1833.

If all works o.k. you will get following in newcs log:
[ Irdeto ] Parsed Nagra tunneled Irdeto