Following requests - I have made the attached image for the dm500plus. Hope you like it. smile

Features :-


Quick-buttons :-

0 - Extra setup
Blue - Extensions

Extra Setup includes :-

Readme (very important). All Readme files are in folder /etc. Please copy and translate (with google for example) if necessary.


Increase memory : Necessary for flash install

Addon-manager : Download and install addons

Software : Additinal software items necessary for plugins

EPG : To be advised

Subtitles : Change ttx subtitles size and colour

Media/MountManager : Nfs mount configure,
Copy media to dreambox (may not work for dm500plus)

User-Script manager

Inadyn, Pmt.tmp, Crond configure


Infobar date language : Change date language

Screenshot : Telnet command -> /usr/bin/grab -j 100
The screenshot will be in /tmp

Streaming media from pc to dreambox : plugins VlcPlayer, MediaCenter etc.

Streaming tv to pc : Install webinterface. On pc open webif browser.
Click on tv icon. Select Open to start VLC.

Plugins and other items are available for download via Addon Manager.

Many thanks to kalehrl for testing the earlier versions. Thanks are also due to boxgott and other Friends for suggesting this image.

No emulator or keys included.

Regards, pcd.