Enigma2: Release 3.2
Machine: Dreambox dm500hd
Date: 20110929
Issuer: Dream Multimedia
Link: http://sources.dreamboxupdate.com/opendreambox/1.6/dm500hd/images
MD5: 17f050c1617798fe61100bc44b08965f
enigma2 (20101216 rel31 -> 20110929 rel32)
added basic support for remote TS services in bouquets (rdp, udp, http, iptv)
added blindscan support for BCM4505, BCM4506 and ALPS BSBE1 C-/D01A DVB-S(2) Tuners
extended EPG cache from 14 to 28 days
display unscrambled services in a new FTA service group
added persian translation
put USB harddisks into stand-by
record timers may now be stopped using the record button
virtual keyboard: support Czech and Slovak layout. layouts can be switched using the yellow button
deletion of files could cause corrupted recordings
SoftwareManager: support installation of Wireless LAN drivers
audio selection dialogue: number buttons may now be used to switch audio tracks
NetworkSetup: more consistent configuration of hidden wireless networks
improved handling of standby, shutdown and DiSEqC input selection when using a rotor
added possibility to use hidden bouquet selection in multi epg(s)
switched "subtitles" and "audio tracks" button description in AudioSelection dialog
record timers: fixed invalid conflicts on creation of new timers, when using the DVB-C/T tuner module
some EPG characters were displayed incorrectly
fixed rotor problems with unicable LNB
fixed broken spinners on e2 startup with HD skin
fixed detection of incorrectly marked AC3 audio tracks (ATSC)
fixed rare crash at event info dialogue

improved harddisk performance under high load

Linux kernel
fixed crash when transfering files via network
better hdd detection
small usb fix
improved stability

secondstage loader 83 -> 84
improved flash error correction

hardware drivers (20110309 -> 20110902)
added 3D framebuffer support (for side by side and top and bottom 3D services)
(no auto detection yet)
fixed audio sync problems on playback to live transition
fixed async audio on playback to live transition and on bootup on H264 services
fixed freeze after some channel changes
fixed possible locking problems (deadlock)
dvi audio didn't work reliably after cold boot
throttled mpeg decoder debug output a bit
better /proc/stb(vmpeg/X/dst_* handling via dst_apply
small alsa signed / unsigned fix

added blindscan support
readback corrected symbolrate and frequency
added constellation buffer read support
fixed tuner crash (no hab ack messages in kernel debug)
fixed standby problems
added possibility to use SCPC optimized search ranges
fixed manual LDPC FEC modes
small typo fixed

fixed tuner problems after bootup from deepstandby in DVB-C mode
optimized DVB-C a bit
add possibilty for faster mode change via FE_SET_PROPERTY DTV_DELIVERY_SYSTEM ioctl

dvb-s2 tuners:
fixed readback of current pilot state