Following our release of Merlin Excalibur E2 images for the Dreamboxen 7025, 800 and 8000 is now the next step forward in the development of our E2 Images.
We want to officially our new Merlin Excalibur E2 images) based on the new OE 1.6 (new kernel release, for the Dreamboxen 500HD, 800 and 8000.
In addition, there are also still the same fresh, new image for the Dreambox 7025, based on OE 1.5 available (OE 1.6, there are not as well known for the 7025).

The features of the Merlin Excalibur E2 images here have not changed significantly, once again the following technical data:

Enigma2 from 14.03.2010
Plugins updated 14/03/2010

Enigma2 changes to the CVS by us are:

* Volume_py,
* Wrap_around (skin independent wrap arround in all menus)
* Cross-epg patch
* Autofs (rw)

The following extensions / plugins are already included in the image:

* Merlin2shared (fonts, etc. for various plugins and skins)
* Enigma2-plugin-extensions-Partnerbox
* Enigma2-plugin-extensions-button quick
* Enigma2-plugin-extensions-sherlock (on the Help button on the remote control)
* Enigma2-plugin-extensions-ntfsautostart
* Enigma2-plugin-extensions-merlinpg
* Enigma2-plugin-extensions-dream explorer
* Enigma2-plugin-extensions-dreamcc with preinstalled dccamd (Dreamcrypt)
* Enigma2-plugin-extensions-addon manager
* Enigma2-skin-merlin magic (default skin)
* Enigma2-plugin-system plugins-auto resolution (800/8000)
* Enigma2-plugin-system-network browser plugins
* Portmap nfs-utils
* Enigma2-plugin-system network server configuration plugin

Samba is not included in the images, but can be installed as needed by using Addon Manager (package samba server) online.

With DreamCC of the DMM can be developed dccamd start and stop. However, we offer on-dreambox emulators to neither, nor do we provide support for them.

Now, some important organizational information, please read this carefully!

* The new Merlin Excalibur E2 Images, with the exception of are 7025, not einspielbar via a software update, the images must be re-flashed complete!
* Our software / addon Feed for the Merlin Excalibur Images OE medium term will be approximately 1.5 for a month online, then it is switched off and then runs only the OE 1.6 feed.
The exception is the above mentioned reasons, of course, the Dreambox 7025th

* Multi-Boot for the new image of us is not tested, the appropriate kernel drivers are not inclu

On the feeds are ready to update.

Enigma2: 20,100,418
Enigma2-plugin: 20,100,418
Enigma2-skins: 20,100,418
Driver: 20100413 (DM8000/DM500hd) 20,100,414 (DM800)
Kernel: 2.6.18-r2 (OE 1.6)
Add missing translations to German locale
Add to busybox crond
Add AutomaticTimerListCleanup to image