Enigma2: Release 2.8
Machine: Dreambox dm500hd
Date: 20100401
Issuer: Dream Multimedia TV
Link: http://dreamboxupdate.com/opendreambox/1.5/dm500hd/images
MD5: 695eba4e97e3d6bbfbdd0dcf74cf3d51
* Release 2.7.1 -> Release 2.8.0 *
enigma2 (20100127 rel27 -> 20100331 rel2cool

[Main Menu] removed wrong use of ellipses from menu entries and plug-in names
[Movie Player] added resume position to the resume message box
[NFIFlash] fixed crash when trying to flash NFO-less images while using the wizard
[Media Player] allow playback of files with special characters in filename
[Media Player] allow saving compilations in expert mode
[Misc] fixed occasionally inoperable turning motor
[Misc] fixed occasionally invisible timeshift state widget
[Misc] corrected help text for long info button press
[Misc] "nothing connected" changed to "not configured" in tuner setup to prevent misunderstandings
[Misc] don't restart alternative services when not needed (i.e. chosen twice in servicelist)
[Misc] added possibility to configure the behaviour of short power button press
[Misc] fixed issue with accidentally shown spinner
[Misc] stop currently running service on opening tuner setup
[Misc] parental control improvements: cache pin, add possibility to add bouquets to blacklist/whitelist
[Misc] fixed endless spinners on OK keypress in recording paths screen
[Misc] don't apply scaler sharpness when no scaling is performed
[Misc] added possibility to separately set fan voltage and fan pwm for standby and normal operation
[Misc] speedup periodically very slow service list close on exit button press
[Misc] fixed problem with linked satpos dependent tuners
[Misc] added advanced configuration information in tuner selection dialog
[Misc] added possibility to set an optional end time for zapping timers
[Misc] disabled automatic softwaremanager update lookup on startup

drivers (20100127 -> 20100401)
don't apply scaler sharpness when no scaling is performed
optimized alsa driver a bit
some internal cleanups, speedups and fixes

fixed dm500hd bootproblems with some powered TVs during bootup
replaced german public broadcasting SD TV stations with their HD alternatives in default favourite list