True friends, here is a new version of CCcamInfoPHP.

In these things the software are always trying to improve something, so we were made a few more improvements / changes to the latest version of CcamInfoPHP that provided in 24.09.2008.

Changes / implementations in the new version of the program (are in the readme.txt, plays the read), but here are:

- Name of the program, at the request of the original author we keep the original name, joining him at the end the letters DT followed by a number.
For example, this new version is called CCcamInfoPHP 0.8.6 (DT1), in which the DT1 means DragTeam change 1.
If we make more changes / implementations will DT2, DT3 and so on.
- More security in the sending of messages, you can send messages to dreams that use authentication webif (and so is that it should be)

In the latter case, you can create an account in just to dream this feature and so give this new account / password to your servers for them to send you messages.
Then we can make here in the forum on how to create accounts without DreamBox that this account can access, for example by telnet, but can send messages.

Should be created a line clientmessageport $ [] = array ("","","","") in config.php for every customer who has given us permission to receive messages.

- Multi-language, this version: Portuguese, English, Spanish, French and German and Italian. Just click the language that is active e. .. choose a new one.

- List of suppliers (providers list) updated (it is not perfect, I know ...)

For those who have doubts about the version of the program, but this version CCcamInfoPHP 0.8.6 (DT1) is newer than the CCcamInfoPHP 0.9 (as explained above).

Who has the 0.9 version CCcamInfoPHP run the uninstall and then install the new version.

Very important: Do not copy the config.php file for other versions of this - It does not work!

Who can translate into other languages, strength, just go to the folder that language is in htdocs and copy the file EN.php to FI.php (if for Finnish) and the new file translate the messages that there are in the form of a variable.

For example, to translate the variable:

$ meniu_lv_lang = "Language: English";
it should be:
$ meniu_lv_lang = "Kiel: suomi";

Only if we change what is on the right side of the "="

After all translated file, send it by PM to me or to a moderator and then we include a new version.

Who has PC servers on Linux, make sure everything works properly, because we could not do all the tests we would like that environment.

As always, give opinions, criticize and suggest (but do not fight much)

With regard to the translations, you can never please the "Greek" and "Trojans" So, who feel that something is badly translated, said.

- Cobaias service, particularly in the testing of messages, the three of the usual
- All beta tester
- Translation: hernani81 (w / French), Birolini (w / German), piefav (w / Italian), josepin26 and capelinha82 (w / Spanish), I (w / Portuguese) and all others that have offered to translate
- My family especially to my "maria" the patience and understanding while I am doing these things