Dm600pvr Enigma2 TestImage of 080930

New :-

Enigma2 of srcdate 080915
New addon download and install
Vlc video player patched for this image - play video, mp3, dvd etc
Userconfig and mount for cifs
Record and playback options for dreambox and pc hdd

Special shortcut : Button 0 -> Extra Setup

Download addons :

Button 0 -> Addonmanager -> Download addon -> Download updated panel -> select.

After install of Updated panel other items can be dowloaded.

Install addons :

Addonmanager -> Install addon -> select.

Before starting softcam first time Restart dreambox.

Also as before :-

Emumanager and Scriptmanager
Recording and streaming improvedYuv enabled
(1) Put the Enigma2 picon folder in '/media/cf/', or, '/media/usb/', or (2) make a new folder 'picon' with selected icons and put this folder in /usr/share/enigma2/
Ftp userscripts to /etc/scripts.
Crond :-

Edit by ftp the crontab file (in /etc) as usual with time and command etc. Start Crond from setup window and reboot. An example crontab is in the image which will create a folder cronresult in /etc. Crond will run after future reboots until stopped.

Inadyn :-

Edit the file inadyn.conf in /etc with your inadyn info e.g. usrname, password, alias. The example file is for the setup.
Telnet command > /usr/bin/inadyn --h for other options. Inadyn can be started and stopped from the setup window and will run after future reboots until stopped.

Also - view inadyn.log.

pmt.tmp :-
The image is set to include pmt.tmp in /tmp from start. If any emu start kills it, it can be restarted from the setup window. Check pmt.tmp window.

Skins :-

Default Skin - Nemesis.GlassLine .

Streaming to pc:-

Streaming (both viewing and recording on pc hdd) to pc is possible with TuxvisionE2.

Special thanks to :-

Gutemine, Cassiopeia 2000, Hein Holz for advice and various patches, tunhj1 and LeoGR and for testing and suggestions, elektronikfreak for finding bugs, and other friends for suggestions and testing.

All log files can be found in /tmp.

No emus or keys included.

Regards, pcd.