Enigma2: Release 3.2.2

Machine: Dreambox dm7020hd

Date: 20120330

Issuer: Dream Multimedia

Link: http://sources.dreamboxupdate.com/opendreambox/1.6/dm7020hd/images

MD5: c816a4ebfc1fdcbf210d81872de0a418






enigma2 (20111110 rel32 -> 20120327 rel32)


- fixed blindscan for non-universal LNBs

- fixed sporadic crash on recording stop

- fixed tag list in serienfilm plugin

- fixed picture errors on loopthrough tuner close

- fixed sporadic crashes on zap between IPTV services

- fixed shared pvr channel allocation (i.e. this fixes the bitrate viewer for recordings)

- fixed timer recordings from IPTV services

- fixed removeServices function

- fixed problem on short signal loss when recording with linked tuners

(which made switching channels impossible until the recording was finished)

- fixed skipping forward/backward on some MPEG2-content (> 16X)

- fixed e2 shutdown freeze

- added workaround for not visible event titles on ARTE(HD)

- added option to remove all terrestrial / cable services in channel selection context menu

- added 7020hd to common interface assignment plugin prerequesites

- removed PiP activation from context menu in radio mode with permanent service list

- various mount manager optimizations and fixes, added usb/cf support, also renamed to "storage devices"

- hotplug support is working again (for not explicitly mounted storage devices)

- use "auto" to mount the storage devices to allow non-EXT3 filesystems again

- some teletext subtitle fixes / cleanup

- calculate screen positions based of original ttx line numbers

- use more appropriate colors

- fixed erase of visible subtitles

- updated some translations

- updated default favourite lists

- updated translations

- don't show the infoline(filename) and play icons while in Picture-Player slideshow mode



hardware drivers (20111109 -> 20120322)


- cxd1981 (hybrid DVB-C/-T tuner)

- increased max. frequency to 900Mhz

- fixed missing 5V on output for active terrestrial antennas

- bcm4505/6 improved reception sensitivity (fixes problems with small dishes since blindscan support)

- fixed volume boost on audio playback (ALSA)

- fixed sporadic "error code 0x18006" messages on bootup

- fixed overflow on aspect ratio calculation

this fixes possible wrongly scaled content



bootloader (84 -> 86)


- fixed front usb port in 2nd stage loader

- fixed incorrectly handled frontpanel buttons in 2nd stage loader

(now the down button is used to put the box into flash mode like dm8000)





- fixed boot problems caused by unreadable HDMI EDID

- don't fall back to DVI for HDMI modes when RX device is not detected or EDID was unreadable





- temporarily switch back to old pagecache handling because of a probable bug in the linux 2.6.18 kernel

(this can improve the read/write performance from/to NAS devices but can degrade the HDD I/O performance)

- fixed timezones: Russia and Belarus no longer use daylight-savings time

- fixed a linux kernel bug which caused deadlocks in some situations (e.g. during media playback or other multithreaded code)

- fixed ac3/dts passthrough problems on media playback