The new Polar Image Beta version is available from below.


It is a cvs image with some additional tools and features.


Image build : Opendreambox OE 2.0 updated 20130317.


Additional features :


Polar News

- Latest Polar image news 

Flash Memory

- Available free flash memory

Flash Expand

- Increase memory by moving plugins to hdd, cf, usb

Daemon Manager

- Run start/stop scripts for daemons

- Configure script location and info file 

DMM Update

- Online official update of image


- Backup and restore settings

EPG Import

- Import epg

AV Settings

- Audio-visual settings - transparency etc


- Network browser and mount manager

Polar Addons

- Online install of Polar server addons

DMM Addons

- Online install of official addons


- Harddisk and other system information 

Skin Config

- Select mainmenu screen list/icons1/icons2

- Enable/disable second infobar

- Second infobar size max/min

Image Backup

- Backup image 



= YouTubePlus


User Script

- Run scripts from /etc/scripts

Swap File setup

File Manager for local files

Crond Manager

Device Manager

Logo Manager for testing user bootlogos

- Place folder boologos in hdd, usb or cf 

Spinner manager for testing user spinners

- Place spinners in /usr/share/enigma2/spinners

Sundtek Control Center