Enigma2 of srcdate 07.10.2009
Driver from 07.08.2009
Secondstage dm7025- 61r0
New Exstra Setup Manu , with many news inside
Emu + Card/ip info in skin
New EPG-Auto Grab of 1"W and 5"E....You can edit to second satellites

And if you start Crond when EPG Grab is done, and restart the box, you will have auto-update of epg at 04.00 night
The EPG-info go to hdd, If you will use USB, you can Download EPG-to USB, befor you start Download of EPG.

If you use the image in flash, you must ONLY install channel list and Download Emu in image, and befor you download some Plugins you must use the Increase available flash memory menu in Exstra Setup. And send plugins to USB or CF or HDD, because the image is so BIG that you will use all of the flash memory, if you do not use the Increase available flash memory menu. And if you do not use the Increase available flash memory menu, you will get up CleanUpWizard Menu when you come down to 1mb flash memory
PS I only use the image in Flash, and send all plugins to CF card

Plugins install in Image:

IMDb Details
VLC Video Player