here comes my latest dm800se Image from Enigma² “release 4.0″ OE 2.0 branch.
Enigma is of 13.06.2013
the plugins are of 13.06.2013
the drivers are of 07.06.2013
new kernel 3.2-r11.44
secondstage is 84
changes at Enigma² can be pursued HERE

my changes at oe:

own bootlogo’s, artwork by skywatcher
with satellites.xml – enigma² by [email protected]
with picon by PPH
changes of dccamd start
dccamd not included in image, can be installed via plugin download

my changes at enigma:

MHW epg active
bouquet button patch
videopreview patch (by parsurimi)
.recordings patch
this image is updateble via setup -> software management over internet!

OE Build Configuration:

BB_VERSION = “1.15.2″
TARGET_ARCH = “mipsel”
TARGET_OS = “linux”
MACHINE = “dm800se”
DISTRO = “opendreambox”
TUNE_FEATURES = “o32 fpu-hard mips32″
meta-opendreambox = “release-4.0:be9c6f9ede02fbdaa8a08d3dbfee5d47dbdf9539″
meta-oe = “(nobranch):6a71f51253f9a41b4547838065ad018994562af7″
meta = “(nobranch):6935beba7b917097cd139fa48adc6c4449246d11″