New Horizon skin by MMark


Updated odin drivers to 03/13/2013


Updated gbquad drivers to 17/17/2012


Updated dmm drivers to 07/12/2012


Updated technomate drivers to 08/12/2012


Updated xtrend drivers to 10/11/2012


Added support for vusolo2, odinm7, tmsingle, ventonhde, ebox5000, xp1000, ixussone


Fixed a867 support for xtrend decoders (thanks to unixer - sifbox)


Added a867 support for dmm kernel


Added autobouqetmaker


New skin selector with sub-skins feature


Fixed VFD on ventonhdx


Added fan and lcd management for ventonhdx (thanks to a4tech/ventonsupport)


Fixed now/next title for tvsat services


Fixed hard disk manager


Removed cloud support


New default elements for blue panel


Fixed package status in Software Manager


Fixed network mount for samba shares


Many others small fixes!


Many thanks to skaman, oe-alliance , sifteam forum and betatesters for giving feedback and support.