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PDF Reader Pro

PDF Reader Pro v2.5.0 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Category:Books & Reference Apps OS:Android 5.0+

Size:101.3MB Latest update:Dec 07, 2023


About PDF Reader Pro

What kind of office software do you usually use? Are you satisfied with the use of these software? Do you have a document that you can present in PDF format? Have you ever had any problems looking at a PDF file? When you encounter these problems, do you choose to find a way to solve them, or do you just let them go?

What is PDF Reader Pro?

This is an improved version of PDF, but it's much easier and faster to use than PDF. It helps users to edit and modify files directly on their own devices. This app includes all the features of PDF and also expands the features, making it a great app for users to view and modify their documents.

Features of PDF Reader Pro.


Users can quickly master all the operations.

This app is not just a simple viewing app, but also an app that helps users actively manipulate files. Users can annotate, brick, add signatures, download, and so on files, and can also decompose and connect pages to make the page look better. Users can also manage their files through this app, users only need to organize and categorize their PDF files, and then they can be transferred directly to the user's daily folder, and the user will need to find these files later. For ease of use, users can convert all the files in different formats into PDF format in this app. The process of conversion is simple and the time of conversion is fast.

For Android, the Power PDF reading app is supported.

The app allows users to download files quickly and has shortcuts that allow users to quickly open and read files on their device. Users who want to read only need to scroll the mouse to read up and down, and there are full screen and small screen viewing, and users can choose the way to watch according to their own habits. For example, during the day, users can choose to choose a light background, and at night, users can choose a dark background image, which can not only facilitate the user's reading, but also protect the user's eyes.

Files can be tagged and annotated.

Users can annotate and mark up files on the app. When users see some special and important information in the file, they can add underlines to mark them for their next repetition. When the user needs to take some notes, it can also be used to make character records and write some memos. Of course, if the user wants to edit the document, inserting some images, videos, or hyperlinks into it is allowed.

Why is PDF Reader Pro a good app?


With this app, users can edit files anytime, anywhere, and this app can be used as a pdfy or word document, but the same software has the functions of several different software, which is very useful for users. And users can use this app to convert other formats, such as PNG / JPG / JPEG / TIF / GIF / BMP and other formats can be converted to pdf format.

Download the latest version of PDF Reader Pro.

Do you want to have an app that covers the functions of multiple software? Do you want to read, edit, and store documents more efficiently? Go to the official website and download the latest version of PDF Reader Pro.

Final Verdict

Users can manage PDF files on their mobile phones. Users can share PDF files with leaders, colleagues, friends, etc. through social software on the premise of using the Internet. Users can also encrypt each file to prevent their files from being lost or leaked.


Q. Does the app leak the contents of the user's files?

Absolutely not, users can encrypt files, only users can see the files.


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