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Baby Care

Baby Care v4.30.0 MOD APK (Gold Unlocked)

Category:Lifestyle Apps OS:Android

Size:27.1 MB Latest update:Dec 07, 2023


About Baby Care

  Would you like to ge the most professional and caring help when you are expecting a baby or have welcomed a new family member? Would you like to make the parenting journey easier and more enjoyable? Then check out the app Baby Care!


What is the Baby Care?

  This app is a mobile app designed for new moms that acts as a breastfeeding tracker. With this app, you can record and track your baby's feedings at any time, including infant feedings, bottle feedings or solid food feedings. In addition, it offers many useful features such as reminding you when the next feeding is due, adjusting and saving your baby's feeding schedule or diaper change frequency, baby's bedtime, and monitoring your baby's weight gain. Easy to use, this app is a must-have tool for every new mom.

Main Features Include: 

Baby Feeding Timer

  The app also keeps track of your baby's feeding history, including the time of each feeding, the feeding method and the amount of feeding. By reviewing this data, parents can better understand their baby's eating habits and growth progress and make adjustments as needed. In addition, the app offers additional features such as reminding parents of the frequency of diaper changes, the baby's sleep schedule, and monitoring the baby's weight gain. For new parents, this app is an easy-to-use tool to help them take better care of their babies. Not only does it offer convenient recording and tracking features, it also reminds parents to feed their babies on time and avoid overfeeding solids.

Record Your Baby's Growth Progress

  Monitoring your baby's development, by recording your baby's height, weight and other data on a regular basis, you can clearly see the progress of your baby's growth and identify and deal with any possible problems in time. Monitoring your baby's development is really important and can help us identify and deal with possible problems in time. For example, if your baby's weight gain is too slow, you may need to adjust your feeding style or seek medical help.

Competitive Advantages:

Monitor the Room Temperature

  Newborn babies are very sensitive to temperature. Their thermoregulatory system is not yet fully developed, so they are susceptible to environmental temperatures. Being too hot or too cold may have adverse effects on their health. Therefore, in order to ensure the comfort and safety of babies, we should try to keep the indoor temperature suitable and avoid letting babies get too hot or too cold. Therefore, new parents can utilize this software to know the room temperature in one click while using other functions conveniently.

Memo Function

  When faced with something you've never tried before, especially if you don't know what to do for the first time, you can feel confused and overwhelmed. In the first few months, you will need to gradually get used to the daily routine of breastfeeding, nursing, putting your baby to sleep and constantly changing diapers. Things like changing diapers or feeding your baby aren't always easy to remember, and that's where Baby care comes in to remind new parents of the next feeding time, diaper change, or any other important schedule for their baby.

Easy to Use

  The operation is very simple, just click on the icon buttons on the application screen to start feeding or performing activities such as breastfeeding. Everything is ready according to the history and what you have previously saved, you just have to open it and follow the steps you have recorded. The app will alert you with a ringtone when the time is up. In addition, saving some information will make it easier for a mother to seek medical help in case of unusual symptoms or behavior of her child, thus providing the best solution for the correct development of the baby.


Download Baby Care Today!

  Becoming a new mom can be very tiring and challenging! So download a Baby care as your sweet little helper, it will definitely make your day easier and more enjoyable!


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