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OPlayer v5.00.40 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Video App OS:Android 6.0+

Size:122 MB Latest update:Dec 11, 2023


About OPlayer

  If you want a powerful and easy-to-use multimedia player, Oplayer is your best choice! With support for multiple formats, no ads, and a simple and beautiful interface, download Oplayer and experience a more professional audio and video player!


What is the Oplayer?

  OPlayer is an offline video and music player designed for cell phones and a multifunctional media file management tool. The application contains all the necessary tools to simplify the process of managing and manipulating the audio files available in your device.

Main Features Include: 

Supports Multiple Video Formats

  No matter what media file formats exist on your device, you can easily handle them by simply downloading the OPlayer app, which supports a wide range of video formats, from the popular MKV, MP4, M4V, AVI and more. With such high compatibility, there are few media files that OPlayer can't handle, and when watching videos offline, you can also play them at different qualities and image speeds depending on the type of video, for example, 4K Ultra HD quality is supported. In addition, OPlayer has a built-in hardware acceleration feature that lets you make the most of your device's performance without interfering with other tasks you're doing. All in all, OPlayer provides you with a powerful and convenient multimedia player solution.

Multi-tasking Popup Function

  OPlayer is a full-featured video player with pop-up support that allows users to perform other tasks while watching videos. The pop-up feature allows the video window to always be on top of other apps, so users can watch movies, listen to music, work on documents and social media at the same time without switching apps. Windows can be easily resized and closed/opened using pinch gestures. This multitasking allows users to utilize their time more efficiently. This saves time and performs multiple tasks on the same device.

Competitive Advantages:

Customizable Program Controls

  Customize all controls in your application for the best viewing experience. Adjust video playback speed, use split-screen for multiple videos, resize video window, and select different aspect ratios to suit your preferences or needs.

HD Casting Function

  If you want to watch HD music videos on a big screen, OPlayer supports projecting videos to your TV via Chromecast to help you see the full picture quality of the original video.Using HD casting technology, users can get a viewing experience similar to that of a theater. Especially when paired with good audio equipment, the large screen and high-quality sound provide users with a stunning audio-visual experience.

Manage and Protect Private Videos

  If you have a lot of highly personal videos and don't want anyone to see them, then you need a secure and completely private way of storing them.OPlayer allows users to create private folders that are carefully locked using two layers of highly secure encryption keys, thus ensuring that the content of your videos is protected and confidential.


Night Mode

  Night mode not only saves power but also relieves eyestrain and makes it easier to watch videos. So, if you often use your electronic device in low-light environments, enabling night mode is a good choice.

User Experience 

  With OPlayer's clean management interface, you can easily view all recognized media files within the app and perform various operations such as moving, copying, cutting and pasting, renaming files and creating new folders. All of these tasks are as easy to understand as the operations on your computer, allowing you to conveniently manage and organize your media files.

Don't wait any longer!

  Oplayer, your all-in-one multimedia player, supports video and audio files in a variety of formats, allowing you to enjoy unlimited audio and visual feasts! Download it now and start a new experience!


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