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jetAudio HD Music Player Plus

jetAudio HD Music Player Plus v12.1.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Music & Audio Apps OS:Android 5.0+

Size:26 MB Latest update:Jan 09, 2024


About jetAudio HD Music Player Plus

Are you a music lover too? Proper musical stimulation can help improve memory and concentration. At the same time, high quality music can also help to improve your mood, as music resonates with people's emotions, helps to release negative feelings, and boosts your mood pleasure. This quality music software will never fail to meet your expectations, so let's take a look at it together!

What is the jetAudio HD Music Player?

jetAudio HD Music Player is a new high quality music player Plus that offers many functional features to make your music experience richer and more enjoyable.


Main Features Include: 

Rich Audio Library Management

jetAudio HD Music Player has built-in powerful audio library management features to better organize and find your music files and help you organize and manage your music files easily. You can create multiple playlists to organize your favorite songs, such as creating different folders for different types of music (such as classical, rock, pop, etc....... If you are not sure which playlist to choose, you can choose the default playlist.

Extraordinary Sound Quality

jetAudio HD Music Player Plus provides users with an excellent listening experience for maximum sound quality. jetAudio Plus features a 10 or 20-band graphic equalizer and a variety of sound effects that can be adjusted to the user's personal preferences to provide the best listening experience. It also comes with 32 equalizer presets for a wide listening experience.

Audio Conversion

jetAudio HD Music Player not only supports the playback of multiple audio format files, but also has the ability to convert audio. This player not only allows you to enjoy music in many different audio formats, but also helps you easily convert audio files from one format to another. In addition, its sound filters and sound settings options can also provide you with a high-quality sound playback experience.

Competitive Advantages:

Synchronized Display of Lyrics

jetAudio HD Music Player supports a lyrics synchronization feature that automatically loads and displays lyrics when you play a song. In this way, you can not only enjoy the wonderful music, but also sing along with the lyrics.

Visualization Effects

jetAudio HD Music Player provides a wealth of visual effects, including spectrum analysis, waveform display, and more. These visual effects not only make your music more vivid and interesting, but also help you better understand the structure and characteristics of your music.

Sleep Timer

jetAudio HD Music Player has a built-in sleep timer function. When you are ready to take a break, you can set a timer to turn off your music, so you can spend a quiet night in sweet dreams.

Skin Change

jetAudio HD Music Player provides a variety of skins for you to choose from. You can change the appearance of the player according to your preferences, so that the music player matches your personality better.

Audio Gain

jetAudio HD Music Player supports the audio gain function, which helps you adjust the volume level to ensure that your music is played optimally on different devices.

Bluetooth in seconds

jetAudio HD Music Player Plus integrates seamlessly with Bluetooth-enabled devices, allowing you to control playback and enjoy your music through wireless headphones.

Plug-in Extensions

jetAudio HD Music Player supports plug-in extensions, which allow you to install a variety of plug-ins to enhance the functionality of the player to meet your individual needs.

Cloud Synchronization

jetAudio HD Music Player supports cloud synchronization, which allows you to store your music library in the cloud and synchronize playback between multiple devices.

Community Interaction

jetAudio HD Music Player also features community interaction, which allows you to share your music experience and recommended tracks with other users, creating a platform for music lovers to communicate together.


User Experience 

It's worth mentioning that jetAudio is one of the most highly rated and downloaded media players on CNET, which is a testament to its excellent sound quality, features and experience.

Download the Latest Version of jetAudio HD Music Player!

All in all, with version 12.1.0 of jetAudio HD Music Player, it is more powerful, beautiful and easy-to-use music player, no matter if you are an audiophile or an ordinary user, you can find your own music world here. Download jetAudio HD Music Player Plus and start your high quality music journey!


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