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AdGuard v4.4.14 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Size:36.2MB Latest update:Jan 05, 2024


About AdGuard

When you are watching a video on your mobile phone and you are fascinated by it, an ad suddenly appears, do you feel annoying? When you are reading a file on your phone, there is an advertisement, are you worried that the information will be leaked? When you use your mobile phone normally, an advertisement appears, but you accidentally click on it and see a bad video or picture, do you feel very irritated?

 It seems that in this Internet era, advertisements are interspersed in all corners of our mobile phones, as long as we use our mobile phones, we will be disturbed by all kinds of advertisements, because we want to solve the problems caused by advertisements to people, so the company has developed software that can block advertisements.


What is AdGuard?

This is an app that helps users get their phones disturbed by ads. Users can download the app to block any ads. The existence of this app will not be disturbed by ads, whether it is users browsing pages or watching videos. 

Features of AdGuard:

Improve the Security

With this app, users won't be tracked by viruses when installing the app. It can reduce the damage that ads do to your phone. Users can set a floating window, when the ad with the virus will automatically pop up the phone window, to a large extent to avoid the phone from being eroded by bad viruses. With this app, users can return their mobile phones to the original clean interface and application environment, so that users can use their mobile phones more happily, and no longer have to worry about being annoyed by ads when using mobile phones.

Root-free to Block Ads

You don't need root to block ads on your phone, which makes all types of Android devices run the app, so you don't have to worry about your phone not being able to match the app and not being able to use it. The app will not have any negative impact on the user's mobile phone when blocking ads, and will neither consume the original resources of the device nor affect the performance of the mobile phone. 


Users do not need to root their own devices, which also avoids any risks during the rooting process. It also has a whitelist function, if users don't want to block ads on some of their favorite pages, they can note the names of these websites in the whitelist, then the app will cancel the ads blocking function of these websites, but it will still eliminate ads for other websites on the phone.

A Wide Range of Management Features

When users start using the app, they can first do in-depth management of the list of websites that block ads. There is an advanced option inside, which is the most convenient form for users to manage. The app can also manage the other apps on your smartphone and control the application process with some basic information. If a user finds that a program on the mobile phone is too malicious, the user should immediately delete the program to prevent the safe use of the mobile phone.

Why is AdGuard a good app?

The app protects the user's privacy. It blocks any behavior that violates and compromises privacy by automatically identifying installed apps. If such an application is recognized, it will delete it from the user's phone. With this feature, users don't have to worry about their important information being leaked

Download the latest version of AdGuard!

Do you want to never be bothered by ads again? Go to the official website and download the latest version of AdGuard.


Final Verdict

The app can also help protect children from inappropriate websites. Users can set up inappropriate websites to be accessible, and can also customize a certain range of blacklists to ensure that children do not receive inappropriate content when using their phones.


Q: What version of the app is recommended to download?

An: It is recommended that users download the latest version v4.4.14. With version 4.4.14, when users download the app will be more safety, and users can return their mobile phones to the original clean interface and application environment!


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