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 Speech Assistant AAC

Speech Assistant AAC v6.3.6 MOD APK (Full Version Unlocked)

Category:Medical Apps OS:Android/iOS

Size:58.9 MB Latest update:Dec 14, 2023


About Speech Assistant AAC

Deliver visible words. Some words are not heard, but seen with the heart.

We help you express

A well-intentioned software

Speech Assistant AAC focuses on people who are unable to speak or have difficulty expressing themselves. Because there are such people in the world, and their lives deserve to be valued and improved. With this software, they don't have to spend time and effort writing, or carry a notebook and pen with them all the time.


From the moment there was the Internet in the world, most people valued entertainment or things related to interests. So we can see a lot of applications for listening to music, watching videos, reading books, watching news, buying and selling things. But we ignore the fundamental existence of the Internet, which is convenience and information exchange. There are many people in this world who have difficult lives, and they never consider entertainment.

And now, with Speech Assistant AAC, this part of the speech impaired person can live like a normal person. Just by clicking on the phone, he can express to people what he wants to say, what he wants to express. They also have the right to express.

How to Use Speech Assistant AAC

Suitable for common systems

Considering that different audiences will use different systems, Speech Assistant AAC can be applied to both iOS and Android systems. This can ensure that the vast majority of people can enjoy this application. At the same time, users of iOS systems can also install this application on different devices to meet the needs of different scenarios. Including iPhone and iPad, Apple Watch and Mac with Apple chips.

Customized according to your needs

Everyone's language habits are different, so Speech Assistant AAC allows everyone to design their own common phrases, as well as favorite emoticons and symbols. When these are set up, you can quickly show others what you want to say, and also convey your unique personality. And the content you enter will be preserved in the history, so if you encounter a similar scene, you can quickly show it through the history. This is a very considerate operation that makes the other person feel comfortable and reflects your politeness.


We know that sometimes only words can be a little monotonous, so we match interesting and vivid pictures in front of some commonly used sentences. For example, most foods will have corresponding pictures. If you need a glass of water, in addition to text, a simple cup will appear; if you want to add cheese to your food, then this sentence will appear next to Jerry's favorite triangular cheese.


Speech Assistant AAC also has many human considerations. Imagine that the person you need to talk to is a certain distance away and cannot see the small print on your screen, then you can use the full screen display function. You are the most conspicuous person in the crowd. If you suddenly can't think of the word you want to say, you can use the search function. The corresponding phrase will appear. You can even group the content you need indefinitely. This makes it easier to find.

Your voice can vary widely

Speech Assistant AAC has a variety of different voices, you can choose the voice that suits your style to express, or you can enter your own voice. We will help you speak when needed.

This software also supports the use of the phone. This will be a blessing for people who cannot speak. Because before, it was difficult for them to talk to long-distance friends, and they could only do it through messaging, not real-time calls. But now, these are all solved. You can perceive the other person's emotions more clearly.

What are the advantages of Speech Assistant AAC?

Back up and get at any time

When you need to change your device, don't worry about losing your previously saved content. You can use the backup and airdrop functions to transfer all your content to another device.


Privacy and protection

Don't worry about giving away any of your information to others. We will not collect any of your information because it would involve legal issues and not meet our original intentions. Your personal data will only be used to make it easier to use this app.

Speech Assistant AAC is designed to protect everyone's right to express themselves. If you can't speak, use it and let it help you say what you want to say.


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