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IgeBlock v1.0.86 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Entertainment Apps OS:Android 8.0+

Size:12.9 MB Latest update:Jan 05, 2024


About IgeBlock

In today's digital age, advertising has become a part of our daily lives. Whether we are browsing the web, checking social media, or watching videos, ads are always everywhere. However, too many ads tend to interrupt our workflow and affect our user experience. To solve this problem, an ad blocker called IgeBlock was created. Available for Android mobile devices, this app helps users effectively block various ads and enhance the user experience.

What is IgeBlock?

IgeBlock is an effective ad blocker for Android mobile devices. With this application, you can not only turn off various ads, but also support watching videos in floating windows and many other sub-features.


Features of IgeBlock:

Say Goodbye to Endless Ads

IgeBlock is a powerful ad blocker that will help you say goodbye to endless ads. Whether it's web ads, in-app ads, or video ads, IgeBlock blocks them all effectively. Simply install and enable IgeBlock, and you can immediately enjoy an ad-free browsing experience. No need to worry about ads interrupting your workflow or affecting your viewing experience.

Floating Player Mode

In addition to the basic ad blocking features, IgeBlock also offers a floating player mode. This means that you can shrink the video window to a floating window while watching a video, and then continue other operations in the background. In this way, you can watch videos without interrupting your work and increase your productivity. In addition, the floating window can be freely adjusted in size and position to meet your personalized needs.

Full Screen Lock Do Not Disturb Mode

IgeBlock also provides a full-screen lock do-not-disturb mode. You can choose this mode when you need to concentrate on your work. In this mode, all notifications and warnings are muted and all advertisements are blocked. This way, you can focus on your current task without any interruptions.

Customize the Shutdown Time

IgeBlock also allows users to customize the shutdown time. If you know when certain ads play, you can set them to automatically close after those times. This way, you can enjoy your content without being interrupted by overly long ads.

Support for Creating Shortcuts

Are you having a hard time finding your favorite videos after browsing your apps and bookmarks? If you need a quick solution, IgeBlock's Shortcuts feature has you covered. With this feature, you can create a video shortcut on your desktop and play any video with just one click. It's like having a personal video library that you can access at any time. The application is closer than ever to your favorite videos, so say goodbye to the hassle of searching menus and files.


Why is IgeBlock a good app?

Overall, IgeBlock is a very useful ad blocker.Whether you are working or relaxing, you can use IgeBlock to enhance your efficiency and enjoyment. IgeBlock is here to give us better control over our digital lives. It gives us the freedom to choose whether or not to view advertisements, allows us to watch videos without interrupting our work, and allows us to give our full attention to our tasks.IgeBlock is an application that really looks out for its users, and it makes our digital life more comfortable and convenient.

Download the latest version of  IgeBlock!

With version 1.0.86,  not only can it help you effectively block all kinds of ads and improve user experience, but it also provides many useful features such as floating player mode, full-screen lock do-not-disturb mode, customizable closing time and video shortcuts.  Now, it's time to enjoy the difference!

IgeBlock is an app worth having. Not only does it help us block ads effectively and improve user experience, but it also gives us better control over our digital lives. If you are someone who needs to use mobile devices frequently, then IgeBlock is definitely an app you can't miss!


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