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MAPS.ME v14.7.71581 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Travel & Local Apps OS:Android

Size:186.7 MB Latest update:Dec 18, 2023



Although the journey is beautiful, it should not be lost.


MAPS.ME keep you safe and comfortable

Do you like to travel? After a long period of busy work, people need an exciting trip to reward themselves. During travel, people can not only relax, but also experience different customs and cultures, enjoy local specialties, and feel the local climate and living environment. Travel is like the process of recharging yourself. Absorb nutrients from different places, so that you can have more nutrients and grow faster.

However, there are often some unexpected little things that happen during the journey. Sometimes small things can become big things if they are not handled properly. And this little thing starts with the loss of signal from the mobile phone. The food and beauty of foreign countries always make people linger. Even while admiring them, you forget something important. What gives people the courage to run around in completely unfamiliar places? It is the mobile phone and the Internet. People confidently think that they can play anywhere without worrying about finding their way because of the mobile phone. But have you ever considered that the mobile phone will not have the Internet?

In a foreign country, no one can predict what will actually happen. But we need to be prepared for mobile phones without network. You may think that mobile phones do not have network just because you have gone to a remote place, just go back, but when you do go back, do you remember the way you came? Of course, if you are a person with a very good memory, you can also remember with super memories. But for a person from a foreign country, it is very difficult to remember the way you came for the first time. And at this time, all you need is MAPS.ME.

Your travel helper MAPS.ME


With it, you are not afraid of emergencies

In the scenario described above, when your phone completely loses its network, ordinary navigation will terminate its service. Without a map in an instant, you will lose your way in a foreign country. The good situation is that you meet a kind person passing by and he shows you the way; the bad situation is that no one passes by and the sky is gradually getting dark. Now, if you MAPS.ME in your phone, everything will be fine. MAPS.ME the difference with a normal map is that it can be used offline.

This powerful feature allows you to avoid getting lost in a bad internet situation. Especially when you are hungry and want to find a restaurant to eat, because you absolutely can't stand being hungry and lost. You will collapse because of this. MAPS.ME covers maps covering all continents, including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa. From famous countries and Internet celebrity cities around the world, you can get to where you want to go through MAPS.ME.

With it, you don't even need a tour guide

Are you often torn when planning your trip? You have attractions you want to visit, restaurants you want to experience, and Internet celebrity landmarks that you have to take a photo clock in. If you want to schedule everything you like while saving time and money, this will be a difficult task. And all of this, MAPS.ME can plan for you. First of all, it will plan a reasonable route according to the way you like to travel, including cycling, car or hiking. When you mark your destination, it will prepare different plans for you to visit different attractions, and also include the right time to visit these attractions. Because the best viewing time for some attractions may be special.

What better map for you than MAPS.ME? Because it grows and updates itself in real time just like you. Download it and escort your journey.