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HAGO v5.22.3 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Social Apps OS:Android 5.0+

Size:167.9 MB Latest update:Dec 19, 2023


About HAGO

HAGO is a fun app that integrates social, entertainment, chat and party. In HAGO, users can enjoy pleasure and relaxation.

HAGO's tutorial


1.Start chatting with strangers

In HAGO, there are countless people from all over the world looking forward to chatting, such as the United States, Indonesia, Gypsy, Brazil, Thailand, etc. In real life, people are willing to open new circles and make new friends through HAGO.

It's a curious lifestyle. If users are ready to enter a whole new world, they can join a public chat room at any time. There are a variety of fresh content and topics for you to choose from.

In the chat room, you can use text and expressions to speak or voice. In addition to chatting, the chat room can also carry out a variety of activities, such as: singing with everyone to feel the rhythm of the music, playing a game together to enhance mutual understanding and friendship.

2. Challenge hundreds of games

The variety of games is rich, and there is always a game for you. At HAGO, you can experience casual games, action games, and brain-cracking games. Each game looks simple, easy, and fun without time-consuming. The rich variety of games allows you to quickly get in a good mood.

In addition to playing single-player games, you can also team up with friends in the community to play games. Playing games with friends of the same age is double the pleasure. And during the game, you can turn on the microphone to chat at any time. It is not only a game, but also an opportunity to communicate and communicate emotions. The friendship between you gradually solidifies in the "life and death" games.

The fun of the game is not limited to this. You can participate in officially organized game activities and events. Participate in these activities and you will receive considerable game rewards, which can be used in HAGO's premium services. In HAGO, everyone can develop their own image skin, and more beautiful skin can be obtained through official game rewards.

3. A well-prepared family gathering

You can invite your friends and family to join HAGO. When you are in different geographical locations and want to communicate with each other, you can interact online through HAGO. In addition to supporting voice chat, HAGO also supports video chat, allowing users to communicate face-to-face with the people they want to meet.

During the video, HAGO offers interesting services, such as displaying a variety of emojis, adding cute animal stickers to your face, and displaying dynamic effects as you move, as well as adding beautiful filters to make you look great.

With HAGO, there is a huge change in lifestyle. You can use it to Karaoke with a distant friend, prepare a surprise online birthday party for him, add a sticker with a birthday crown to the birthday girl's face, and add cake, roses, balloons and other queue effects to the video to create an atmosphere.


4. An exciting live stream

Yes, you can also live stream on HAGO. It has all the fun gameplay in the live stream, including connecting with other live streaming hosts to PK, and sending beautiful gifts to your beloved streamer, such as love rockets, luxury yachts, etc.

There are various types of live broadcast rooms, including those who show talent, dance, sing, and show outstanding makeup skills. You can interact with the live streaming host in real time to give you a feeling of success in star chasing.

With HAGO, you can feel:

Interact with family and friends online, enjoy games or songs together, and feel the different party atmosphere; communicate with strange men and women, maybe you can find your soul significant others; enjoy the fun of the game alone, or participate in the game with multiple people, cooperate as a team, and resonate with strangers.