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2GIS v6.12.0.431.10 MOD APK (Remove ADS)

Category:Maps & Navigation Apps OS:Android

Size:68.8 MB Latest update:Dec 19, 2023


About 2GIS

In modern cities, with ever expanding roads and increasingly complex traffic conditions, having a powerful and useful navigation app has become an integral part of our lives. So, is there a navigation app that offers city maps, a powerful navigation system, and a wealth of other features? The answer is yes, and that is 2GIS.

What is the 2GIS?

2GIS is a popular mapping and navigation application. The most notable feature is that it contains a huge database of offline maps, which are updated quickly and pinpointed accurately. The app also provides public transportation information, making it a must-have tool for self-guided tours. It can be used even when there is no internet or poor signal.


2GIS: A powerful navigation app

Main Features Include: 

Powerful navigation system

2GIS provides a powerful navigation system with a variety of routes for you to choose from. When planning your travel routes, 2GIS will provide you with multiple optimal routes to choose from based on your origin and destination. These routes will take into account factors such as real-time traffic conditions, road congestion, and driving distance so that you can reach your destination in the shortest possible time. In addition, 2GIS also supports real-time road condition query, so that you can always know the traffic condition along the way and avoid the traffic jam section.

Provide destination details

Secondly, when you input your destination, 2GIS will show you the streets, entrances and exits, as well as the local zip code. If you enter the address of a shopping mall or a company, 2GIS will also provide the phone number, business hours and even job information. In this way, you can learn about your destination in advance before you travel and be well prepared for your trip.

Safety Tips

Furthermore, the Safety Alerts feature is one of the highlights of 2GIS. When you use 2GIS for navigation, it will remind you of the condition of the road at your destination, including whether there is a traffic camera or not, and whether it is an accident-prone place. In this way, you can know the safety hazards along the road in advance to ensure your driving safety. Meanwhile, 2GIS also supports the voice navigation function, which automatically turns on the voice when you open the software, so that you can concentrate on your driving while navigating and avoid traffic accidents caused by distraction.

Competitive Advantages:

Travel Advice

In addition, 2GIS also provides a travel suggestion function. When you come to a tourist city, 2GIS will recommend must-see attractions for you. In this way, you can easily find the popular local attractions and fully experience the local customs during your tour. Meanwhile, 2GIS also provides free wifi site information, so you can always connect to the free wifi network and keep in touch with your family and friends during your trip.

Truck GPS Unit

For truck drivers, 2GIS also provides a specialized truck GPS unit. The system takes into account all aspects of truck driving characteristics, providing functions such as turn sign, estimated driving time, and so on. This makes it easier for truck drivers to find the right route while traveling and ensures that the cargo will reach its destination on time.

Vibration Reminder Function

The 2GIS also has a vibration reminder function. When the vehicle needs to make a turn or change lanes, 2GIS will remind you to enter the correct lane in advance. In addition, if a certain location is accident-prone, 2GIS will also remind you to pay attention to safety through vibration. In this way, you can make preparations in advance to ensure your driving safety based on your driving experience.


Don't wait any longer!

In modern society, having a powerful navigation app has become an essential tool for our traveling. And 2GIS is just such a navigation software that can meet our various needs, making it easier, safer and more convenient for us to travel.

In short, 2GIS is a very useful navigation application. It provides city maps, a powerful navigation system, and other rich features that allow us to reach our destinations more easily and safely during our travels. Whether it's for daily commuting or long-distance traveling, 2GIS is a good helper for us to travel. Download 2GIS and let it be your right hand in life!