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Flipaclip v3.7.1 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Art & Design Apps OS:Android

Size:98.9 MB Latest update:Jan 05, 2024


About Flipaclip

FlipaClip: Creating Animations at Your Fingertips


What is FlipaClip?

This is an app that can create animations on mobile phones. Animation creation tool suitable for both professionals and beginners.

Features of FlipaClip:

1. A large number of drawing tools

Including different types of pens, and super practical lassos, filling tools, as well as paint buckets, erasers, rulers and other tools, to meet most drawing requirements. And support different canvas sizes, up to 1920x1920, to meet the needs of the artist in various scenes. At the same time, the brush can support the use of Samsung S Pen, Apple Pencil, SonarPen, which is convenient for direct hand painting, making drawing easier.

2. Rich animation layers

If you want animated action to be more coherent and realistic, you need more layers of animation. At FlipaClip you can get 3 layers for free. If you want more layers, you need to pay a certain fee, up to 10 layers. The more layers, the more vivid your animation effect will be, depending on your own choice.

In addition to showing the details of things in rich layers, you also need professional animation tools to further refine your animation. FlipaClip has super useful tools to help you animate frame by frame, including the onion skins animation tool, which greatly helps you see if the action is reasonable and coherent before and after frames.

3. Make the animation come alive


After completing the previous steps, you find that the animation is very good, but it always feels like something is missing. You suddenly realize: if I add my own voice to them, it will be more realistic! Yes, the things you draw can be added to the soundtrack to present their own lines. For example, a talking squirrel, when you add a line to it, it is as if it suddenly comes to life.

These audio tracks can be not only lines, but also background sounds, music, and up to 8 audio tracks can be added. The lines can be downloaded from the Internet and imported into your file; they can also be recorded by yourself. This means that you can create animated clips of real people and give them the image you want. At the same time, you can also create animations for yourself, using yourself as the prototype to draw your own animated image.

In addition to that, FlipaClip also offers popular audio and sound effects for you to use.

4. Create real-world animations

To make the action in the video look more stunning, you can use this feature. If you have a great dance video, you can import the video and draw the effect on the basis of the video. Canvas and rotoscoper can be used directly on the video.

For example, if a dancer shows a movement where they're spreading their hands out, you can draw something like fireworks or fire or ice or snow in the direction of the hand as if the dancer had done some magic. Or you can animate the entire person and have him move rhythmically between reality and animation, and you'll see both 2D and 3D worlds in your video.

5. Convenient communication channels

When everything is ready, you want your work to get more attention and love. You can save your animations as MP4 or GIF files, depending on which platform you want to publish to, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr. If you are a novice youtuber, I believe you will definitely get more fans after you publish this work. The next Internet celebrity is you.

Download the latest version of FlipaClip!

This is a novice-friendly platform with specially designed animation tutorials, allowing you to create a small animation in just a few minutes. With version v3.7.1, Mature animators will post their little animations created using FlipaClip here, and you can grow by appreciating, learning, and imitating their work. Every month FlipaClip hosts exciting theme competitions, and the winners will receive exclusive FlipaClip feeds. You will have the opportunity to become the next star of FlipaClip.

Get ready to let the painting move!


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