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Hue Essentials

Hue Essentials v2.4.3 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:House & Home Apps OS:Android

Size:11.8 MB Latest update:Dec 20, 2023


About Hue Essentials

Have you ever wanted to be able to turn on the lights in your house in advance on your way home or adjust the light in your room while you are in bed?Hue Essentials is an app that can help you realize this wish. It is an app that allows you to control the smart lights in your home from your phone, making your life easier and more comfortable.

What is the Hue Essentials?

Hue Essentials is an app that is specially designed for controlling smart lights. It offers a variety of features to help you customize the lighting ambience, diversify setting scenes, and automate the control of your smart home. Additionally, it supports desktop widgets or screen shortcuts, family members' sharing, and the paid version provides diversified smart control and other functions.


Features of Hue Essentials:

Customize Lighting Atmosphere

You can choose different preset scenes or create your own lighting atmosphere according to your personal preferences and needs. For example, you can choose "Party" mode to make the light flashing and changing colors, or "Romantic" mode to make the light soft and warm. In addition, you can adjust the brightness and color of the lights to meet your specific needs.

Versatile Setting Scenarios

Hue Essentials provides a variety of preset scenes, such as sunrise, sunset, reading, movie, etc. You can choose the appropriate scene according to different times and activities. In addition, you can also create customized scenes to combine multiple lights together and switch to your favorite lighting effects with one click.

Automate and Control Your Smart Home

Hue Essentials can connect with smart home devices for automation control. For example, you can set the lights to come on automatically when the door opens, and the lights to automatically adjust to a bright white light when the curtains are open. In this way, you can easily control your entire smart home system through Hue Essentials, thus bringing you a more comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

Desktop Widget Support

Hue Essentials provides desktop widgets and on-screen shortcuts that allow you to control your lights quickly and easily. You don't need to open the app, just click on the desktop widgets or on-screen shortcuts to adjust the color and brightness of the lights. This way, you can easily control the lights in your home from anywhere, at any time. Whether through widgets on the home screen or by creating shortcuts, users can quickly access and adjust device settings for a comfortable, intelligent home environment.

Family Member Sharing

Hue Essentials supports the Family Member Sharing feature, which allows you to share the app with family members so they can use the smart lights as well. Each family member can create their own account and they can set the lighting effects according to their preferences and needs. Whether it's choosing a soft warm light or a bright cool light, adjusting the brightness or color of the lights, or creating custom scenes and timed tasks, everyone can personalize the settings to their liking.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Do I need to pay for this software?

There is a basic free version and a paid version of this software, and the paid version of Hue Essentials offers more advanced features such as timed light on/off, music synchronization, remote control, and more. You can choose whether to upgrade to the paid version according to your needs for a more intelligent control experience.

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Make your life smarter, make your lights more dynamic, with Hue Essentials, your smart home control center. Hue Essentials, your smart home control center. Whether it's automatically adjusting the lighting atmosphere, or personalized scene settings, everything is under your control. Make your home as unique as you are. Download Hue Essentials!


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