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Head Model Studio

Head Model Studio v1.10.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Art & Design Apps OS:Android 8.0+

Size:810.6 MB Latest update:Dec 20, 2023


About Head Model Studio

Are you looking to enhance your painting skills? Do you need an application that can provide professional guidance and help you improve your portrait painting knowledge? If so, Head Model Studio is the perfect solution for you!

What is the Head Model Studio?

Head Model Studio is a professional training software for learning and studying facial details on Android. It offers highly practical theory and education, as well as a wide range of models. The software allows you to control 3D models with lighting art for both environment and studio lighting. Additionally, it provides realistic ambient lighting based on HDR photos, allowing you to recreate sunrise, midday, or sunset lighting. Produce impressive lighting combinations by using multiple spotlights and various colours. Additionally, it allows for the adjustment of glossiness in different material renders. A paid version is also available for those seeking additional features.


Key Features:

Research Portrait Knowledge Base

Head Model Studio features a professional research portrait painting knowledge base as well as highly practical academic theories. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this app provides you with a wealth of learning resources. You can learn the basic techniques of portrait painting, such as how to capture facial expressions, how to depict eyes and lips, and so on. At the same time, you can also learn more advanced techniques through practice, such as how to use light and shadow to enhance the three-dimensionality of the picture, and how to express emotions through color.

Provide a Variety of Models

Head Model Studio provides multiple models. Each model will have a different silhouette and portrait presentation for you to learn and study. These models include faces of various ages, genders, and races, as well as a variety of different expressions and poses. You can choose different models to practice by practicing as needed.

Competitive Advantages:

Controlling 3D Models

You can view 3D Models from any angle and even rotate and scale them to study them in greater detail. With this feature, you can study every detail of the model in greater detail, and better support your practice.

Lighting Art

You can choose different lighting environments, such as sunrise, midday, or sunset, depending on your needs. You can also switch to studio lighting and use multiple spotlights and different colors to create stunning lighting combinations. You can even change the lighting to any angle or intensity. This is very helpful for studying head planes and understanding tones.

Glossy Rendering of Different Materials

Head Model Studio also supports modifying the glossiness of different material renderings. You can change the surface texture of a model by adjusting the gloss level. When you are creating a character, you can make areas such as skin, hair, and eyes look more natural by adjusting their gloss levels. For skin, a lower gloss level can make it look softer, while a higher gloss level can make it look smoother. Similarly, hair gloss can be adjusted as needed to give different effects.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What features are available in the paid version?

If you have a higher demand for Head Model Studio and want to unlock more features and functions, then you can choose to buy its paid version. In the paid version, you will be able to enjoy more specialized tutorials that will help you learn portrait academics better. In addition, the paid version offers more models for you to choose and use, which will greatly enrich your creative possibilities. By purchasing the paid version of Head Model Studio, you will receive a more comprehensive and professional service.

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By using this application, you can improve your portrait painting skills, expand your horizons, and inspire your creativity. Download Head Model Studio now and make your designs more impactful!


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