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8bit Painter

8bit Painter v1.20.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Art & Design Apps OS:Android

Size:11.7 MB Latest update:Dec 21, 2023


About 8bit Painter

Have you ever wanted to convert your photos into pixel style images? Or, do you want to design some unique patterns such as SNS icons, cross stitch, etc.? Or maybe, you want to create a unique skin for your gamer character? If the answer is yes, then the application 8bit Painter will be the right choice for you.

What is the 8bit Painter?

8bit Painter is an art program that converts pictures into pixelated images. It is able to convert your photos into pixel style images to make them more interesting and unique. This application has many features including 96-color preset palette, design all kinds of patterns, create skins for gamers, support for changing multiple sizes of canvas, one-of-a-kind designs, unique transparent pixels and support for exporting and backing up images.


Features of 8bit Painter:

96-Color Preset Palette

The 96-color preset palette is a very useful feature of 8bit Painter. It provides 96 different colors for users to choose from, which are carefully designed to make their images look more vivid and interesting. Users can create unique pixelated pictures by choosing the right colors according to their preferences.

Support for Designing All Kinds of Patterns

Besides the 96-color preset palette, 8bit Painter also supports designing all kinds of patterns. Whether it's SNS icons, cross stitch or any other pattern, users can easily design them with this application. This is certainly a great tool for those who love to create.

Create Skins for Gamers

If you are a gamer, then 8bit Painter can fulfill your needs as well. It helps gamers to create gamer skins that will make you stand out in the game. You can use it to design unique skins for your gaming character to make your character look more unique and personalized.

Support for Changing Multiple Sizes of Canvas

8bit Painter also supports changing the multiple sizes of the canvas. This means that users can resize the canvas as needed, whether it is large or small. This is certainly a very useful feature for users who need to work with pixelated images on different occasions.

Unique Design

In addition, 8bit Painter has a unique design. It offers many different colors, layouts, and sizes for users to choose from, allowing them to design unique pixelated images according to their preferences. Whether you want to design a unique photo or create a one-of-a-kind painting, 8bit Painter can help you realize your ideas.

Unique Transparent Pixels

Unique transparent pixels are another highlight of 8bit Painter. It can add more layers and three-dimensionality to pixelated images, making them look more vivid and interesting. This is definitely a great feature for those users who like to create complex and detailed pixelated images.

Export and Backup Images

Finally, 8bit Painter also supports exporting and backing up images. Users can export their creations as image files and save them on their devices so that they can be viewed and shared at any time. Also, users can transfer and backup their works to other devices to prevent data loss.


Why is 8bit Painter a good app?

Overall, 8bit Painter is a powerful, easy-to-use and user-friendly art software. It is capable of converting your photos into pixel-style images, making your photos look more interesting and unique. Whether you want to design a unique pixelated picture or other patterns such as SNS icons, cross-stitch, etc., 8bit Painter can help you realize your ideas.

Download the Latest Version of 8bit Painter!

If you are a creative person, then 8bit Painter is definitely worth downloading and using. It will be able to help you create unique pixelated images that will make your work stand out from the rest. So, hurry up and download 8bit Painter!


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