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aCalendar+ v2.8.0 MOD APK (Full Patched)

Category:Productivity Apps OS:Android

Size:6.5 MB Latest update:Dec 21, 2023


About aCalendar+

Do you struggle to remember important dates? Are you frustrated with the confusing interface of your current calendar app? Do you find it inconvenient that you can't customize the display? If so, consider trying aCalendar+. This calendar application can help alleviate your concerns!

What is the aCalendar+?

aCalendar+ is a powerful calendar app that helps you manage your schedule easily. Whether it's for work, study or personal affairs, it helps you remember every important date and event. No more worrying about missing any important appointment or deadline.


Features of Calendar+:

Manage Daily Affairs

First of all, aCalendar+, as an affair manager, can help you manage your daily affairs easily. aCalendar+ provides flexible event management features. You can freely adjust the presentation of events, such as adding notes, setting reminders, marking the level of importance, and so on. It also supports setting up recurring events so that you can repeat an event on a regular basis, such as a weekly sport or a monthly team gathering.

User-friendly Interface

Secondly, aCalendar+ has a clean and intuitive user-friendly interface. Depending on your needs, it offers a variety of event display interfaces. For example, presenting the calendar on a daily basis will show you in detail what you have to do every day of the month and important meetings. Presenting it as a whole month will show you roughly which days have important markers. The layout is clear and easy to use, so you can easily browse and edit the events in the calendar.

Remember Every Important Day

If you download it, aCalendar+ can help you remember every important day. Whether it's a family member's birthday, wedding anniversary or a friend's important day, it will remind you in advance so that you won't forget to send your blessings. What's more, it will automatically generate a personalized calendar for you based on your reminder records, so you can know at a glance which days are special.

Personalized Presentation

aCalendar+ allows you to adjust the matter presentation freely. You can choose different themes and colors to distinguish different types of events, such as red for important meetings and green for personal appointments. In addition, you can customize the font and font size to make the calendar more in line with your personal taste.

Track Public Holiday Information

aCalendar+ tracks public holiday information. Whether it's a national holiday, a religious holiday to be, or an adjusted workday after a vacation. It will mark them all in the calendar so that you won't miss any day worth celebrating. In this way, you can plan your vacation time in advance and avoid missing the opportunity to celebrate with your family and friends because of your busy work schedule.

Desktop Widgets

aCalendar+ provides desktop widgets in various sizes. You also don't need to find this app icon every time and then open the software to see the details. So this is where desktop widgets come in handy. When you add the widgets to your desktop or lock screen, you can take a look at your schedule when you open your phone without delaying other tedious information.

Why is aCalendar a good app?

aCalendar+ is a powerful calendar management tool that offers a wealth of features, including calendar view, reminder function, to-do list, customizable themes, and more. All in all, aCalendar+ provides you with a comprehensive and efficient calendar management solution.



Qs: Does this app suddenly pop up ads when I use it?

Ans: aCalendar+ has no ads. Unlike some other free calendar apps, it doesn't pop up ads while you're using it, allowing you to focus on managing your affairs without being distracted by unnecessary interruptions.

Download the Latest Version of aCalendar+!

Are you looking to eliminate monotonous paper calendars and memos? Give aCalendar+ a try! This intelligent schedule management software enables you to view, edit, and synchronize your events and meetings at any time, from anywhere, streamlining your life. Embrace the benefits of productivity with aCalendar+ today!


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