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 QR Code Reader

QR Code Reader v1.0.70.06 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Category:Lifestyle Apps OS:Android

Size:13.7 MB Latest update:Dec 21, 2023


About QR Code Reader

QR Code Reader: QR code master

This is an application that has QR code wrapped around its finger. It covers almost all the ways to use QR code.


With QR Code Reader, you can obtain:

In modern society, dealing with everything quickly is the most suitable way to survive in this society. The old, outdated and slow living habits of the past will gradually be eliminated by society. For example, people who can play with mobile phones can get the information they want more easily and faster than those who can't. The time of day is always fixed. If you want to do more in a limited time, you must reduce unnecessary time consumption. This is the purpose of dealing with things quickly, in order to be efficient.

How did people add social app friends in the old days? By manually entering a name to search, this action was very inefficient, which turned away a lot of people who wanted to add friends because it required them extra time. How did people pay in the old days? By cash or swiping a card. This is also inefficient because it requires manual operation time.

Now all you need is a QR code to quickly add friends or make payments. A lot of encrypted information is also transmitted in QR codes, such as pictures and web links. So in modern society, you really need an application that can read any QR code to help you get information quickly. This application is QR Code Reader.

Features of QR Code Reader


1. Quick scanning and acquisition

When most information comes in the form of QR codes, you need a professional QR code scanning app. Many apps come with QR code scanning capabilities, but entering these non-professional apps requires multiple steps to click, which is not necessary. With QR Code Reader, you can use it for all occasions where you need to scan a QR code, regardless of which app to scan with. This reduces the number of choices you make and saves your energy for more important things.

It can scan QR codes and barcodes, which is suitable for different occasions.

2. Quickly generate and deliver

Suppose you need to promote a product now, and you need everyone to have access to the basic information of the product to save your explanation time. You need an application that generates QR codes quickly. This scenario is very common for industries with multiple products. QR codes allow customers to browse the information they want to know, which saves both parties time.

With QR Code Reader, you can generate a QR code for product introductions in seconds. Introducing products in this way makes customers feel very professional and efficient. Make him more confident that your company can make good products.

3. New ways of communication

When you communicate with people in school or in society, you want to quickly establish contact with each other. Sharing contact information using QR code is a very convenient way. The other party can quickly get your contact information, email address, etc. Compared to the previous method, using QR code is more convenient and fast.

This is a unique feature of QR Code Reader. It looks forward to creating a more productive lifestyle for people. Let people feel the convenience that QR code can bring.

4. More high-quality services

A. Adapt to dark scenes

When night falls, dim light often makes QR code scanning difficult. In many cases, QR codes are not recognized because there is no other bright light. But QR Code Reader can solve this problem. It comes with a flashlight that automatically lights up when the light is too dim, ensuring that scanning is not affected.

B. Commodity verification

When shopping on the Internet, you will inevitably worry about counterfeiting, especially when you pay a lot of money for something. QR Code Reader can verify for you that the item is genuine. This is something that many QR code scanners do not expect.

There are more QR code usage scenarios waiting for you to discover. Download QR Code Reader to start a fast and efficient life!


 QR Code Reader  QR Code Reader  QR Code Reader