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Vetcalculators v2.9.98 MOD APK (PAID/Patched)

Category:Medical Apps OS:Android

Size:92M Latest update:Dec 22, 2023


About Vetcalculators

Vetcalculators makes you confident to become an expert in the veterinary industry!



Have you ever been in a situation where no matter how many times you've given your beloved puppy medicine, you still have a headache about the exact dosage? Or do you wake up the next day, drunk, to find that your cat has finished the bottom of your glass, and can't determine for yourself whether he or she will have extremely bad effects? You don't have to blame yourself and panic too much, not everyone is an expert in the veterinary industry!

In order to solve this problem that every pet family will encounter, we recommend Vetcalculators to you. This is a unique collection of veterinary calculations specifically designed for those who want to be professionals in the veterinary field.The application offers a comprehensive range of quick and user-friendly calculations that cover various aspects of veterinary practice.




1. varied formulas

The application offers users access to over 50 different types of calculations, catering to a wide range of veterinary needs. With a focus on delivering prompt and accurate results, the app ensures that users can obtain the information they are seeking quickly. Additionally, detailed explanations are provided to enhance user understanding.


By utilizing this application, pet owners can further enhance the quality of care for their beloved animals by ensuring correct medication dosages. Furthermore, the app recommends additional daily themed drug labels, empowering users with a wealth of specialized knowledge. All this valuable information is presented in a precise and concise manner, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability.


2. versatile unit conversation


Throughout various veterinary calculations, users often encounter different scenarios requiring the conversion of units. To ensure the utmost accuracy and timeliness, the application incorporates diverse unit converters. These converters enable users to obtain precise solutions promptly for their specific conversion needs.


Additionally, the application currently offers users access to a drug data API function, which assists in categorizing drugs based on different stages. However, it is important to note that the application is primarily designed for use with small pets to provide the most effective responses.


Utilizing this application yields numerous benefits for veterinarians and pet owners alike. It guarantees the provision of accurate solutions and calculations, delivering optimal outcomes for all users.


3. Streamlining Complex Calculations


With our tool, veterinary professionals can effortlessly perform a wide range of complex calculations. Whether it's determining the correct dosage of medications for different animal species, calculating the nutritional requirements for specific dietary plans, or even analyzing diagnostic test results, our tool provides accurate and efficient solutions.


4. Keeping Pace with Advancements


As the veterinary profession continues to evolve, our tool stays up-to-date with the latest advancements. Regular updates ensure that new medications, treatment protocols, and research findings are incorporated, guaranteeing that veterinarians have access to the most current information for their calculations.


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Vetcalculators is an indispensable app for veterinarians and pet enthusiasts alike. It offers a range of practical calculators that simplify various aspects of pet care. From accurately calculating drug dosages based on weight and concentration to effortlessly converting weights between different units, Vetcalculators streamlines the process of administering medications and monitoring the health of pets. The fluid therapy calculator ensures proper hydration by determining the ideal infusion rate and total volume. Moreover, the anesthetic drug calculator assists veterinarians in safely administering anesthesia, providing valuable insights and precautions. For quick reference, Vetcalculators also provides a comprehensive database of biological parameters like heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature ranges for different animals.

This user-friendly app is a time-saving tool that guarantees accurate results and helps pet owners and veterinarians provide optimal care for their beloved companions. Don't miss out on the advantages offered by Vetcalculators – download the app today!


Vetcalculators Vetcalculators Vetcalculators Vetcalculators