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FamilyGo v4.9.6 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Social Apps OS:Android

Size:44.6 MB Latest update:Dec 27, 2023


About FamilyGo

    If you are still worried about the security of family members, then FamilyGo will solve your problem to help you track their current location and keep you informed.


What is FamilyGo?

  FamilyGo is a safe and efficient application that can find or track family members’ current location. At the same time, it also gives users accurate information about the place they have go through.

Features of FamilyGo

Get real-time tracking information about family members

  FamilyGo is very useful when users establish network connections with other family members, and from there, they can check each other’s location in a simple and effective way. No matter where you are, you can get the accurate location information of your loved ones at any time, making it easier for them to be found quickly and ensuring their safety.

Receive notifications from FamilyGo whenever you are

  Besides get the movement information of family members, users also can receive accurate motion trajectories through the map after opening the app, which can avoid dangers to a certain extent. In some special emergency situations, members may be in dire need of help. You can quickly locate them through the FamilyGo App to assist them during rescue time or even save their lives.

FamilyGo will keep your privacy safety

  FamilyGo cannot access your contacts, and any of your call records and information will not be leaked. You can use our App with confidence, and you will not be disturbed or have any uncomfortable experience. Please feel free to use, FamilyGo will operate in a way that guarantees your privacy and security.

Check members’ phone battery at any time

  Through the search function in the application, you can check the mobile phone battery information of the concerned. Knowing your family's battery level can also help you quickly locate them and find them before they run out of battery. FamilyGo has a simple screen and functions, also the location information is detailed. Anyone can operate it without guidance.

Easy to track lost device

  Using FamilyGo will help you find your lost device. Through quick positioning, you can get the location of your family's device. Whether it is lost or stolen, you are able to get the real-time location of the device as soon as possible to help you quickly retrieve equipment to keep property safe. As it has been mentioned above, this application is also a must-have little assistant for your life.

Why is FamilyGo a good app?

   Once downloaded, users will get a safe and efficient GPS app. Whether it is tracking the real-time location of members, finding lost devices, or ensuring user privacy and security, FamilyGo will do best to provide the best user experience.

Download the Latest Version of FamilyGo

  It's an application that protects you and your family’ safe through mobile phone location technology, historical route review technology, let you know everything whenever you are. You will start a new life without any disturbance or discomfort. So invite friends and family to download it now.

Final Verdict

  Nowadays, family's safety has become a problem we have to face, but this practical app that will ensure the safety of you and your family through rapid positioning. You will get the real-time location of the people you care about while using FamilyGo. No more worrying about the loved ones going out.


Q: Can I receive notifications in real time to check on my family members?

A: Yes, our app can not only help you track your family’s location, but also check his battery level. When he is in danger, you can quickly locate him so that he can be rescued as soon as possible.



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