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iSaveMoney v7.4.5 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Finance Apps OS:Android

Size:8.2 MB Latest update:Dec 27, 2023


About iSaveMoney

   Are you aware of how to save more money for emergencies? Use iSaveMoney and master the skills!

What is iSaveMoney?

   It's a tool to help you manage your finances monthly, daily, and at any time; to keep your consumption in a reasonable area in case you fall into a consumerist trap; make you sure of what your every expenditure is for, so you don't ask crazily at the end of the month: where is my money?
   Every adult moneymaker must know fully what their money is spent on and the specific constitution of their monthly consumption. Then, they can manage their money, consider which part is more urgent and should be put more money in, and figure out which part of the money is unnecessary to spend and should be saved.

   iSaveMoney helps you do all the above tasks and even lets you do it better.


Features of iSaveMoney

1. All the information you need to know about your property

   It's a normal Friday and you have planned how to spend the weekend earlier this week. The goal is to have some fun with your friends, have a nice dinner in a fancy restaurant, and drink a little in a music bar wearing some new exquisite clothes you bought last week.
   All of a sudden, a thought comes into your mind: how much money have I used this month? You feel a little unsure and start worrying if there is still enough money for you to have a happy weekend. Of course, the result is not what you expect. Your money has run away from home!
   As a mature adult, it's your responsibility to manage and organize your income and expenditure. It's better to save some money at the same time in case of any emergencies.  You should know how much you've spent and how much you've saved. The details of expenditure are also crucial, including the composition of food, transportation, entertainment, rent, utility fees, etc. Their respective proportions let you know what the most expensive expenditure of this month is. All the information is clearly presented on iSaveMoney.

2. Set a goal and accomplish it

   So you've known the main reason why your money has gone after you got the information about your monthly income and expenditure. You are so regretful that you bought that extremely beautiful but expensive dress in a rush. You make up your mind that you must save some money next month and don't wanna be broke again. It's good for you! Let's do it with iSaveMoney!
   First things first, according to the expenditure data of last month, you need to set a budget goal for this month. Let's say your total income is 5000 dollars a month, you wanna save at least 1000 dollars each month, and you usually spend 2000-3000 dollars on necessary consumption. So you can set a budget of 4000 dollars this month, including 1000 for rent and utility fees, 200 for transportation, 1000 for food, 300 for interest, and 500 for emergencies. Still, you have 1000 left for your fun plans. Isn't that surprising and exciting?

3. Saving your money equals saving your happiness later

   When a day is over, you can sit and open iSaveMoney to check the consumption information of the day. It's in the middle of this month and the budget should be left half of it. In total, your daily living budget is 500 and you've spent 276 with 224 left. That's within the acceptable range. You are satisfied with the data, you have the confidence to save some money this month, and you believe keeping a low desire to consume is the right way to get more happiness in the future.


4. Avoid being broke

   After you've been through the broken times of last month, you learned the lesson in a horrible way. In the future, you will never do it again. Living in a disordered state is not your choice. Thanks to iSaveMoney, you get happier and happier without any chance of being broke.

Why is iSaveMoney a good app?

   Through iSaveMoney, you can clearly know whether every consumption is necessary or not, you can set a budget goal and iSaveMoney will help you accomplish it, you can be fully aware of the Implementation progress of your plan.

Download the latest version of iSaveMoney

   Using iSaveMoney is not only to save your money but also to save your happiness in the future.


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