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1SStory v23.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Art & Design Apps OS:Android

Size:35 MB Latest update:Dec 27, 2023


About 1SStory

Have you ever wondered how great it would be to be able to convert your story into a beautiful collage? Today, I would like to introduce you about 1SStory, an application that not only lets you create your own storyline, but also transforms it into a beautiful collage that will make your story even more vivid and interesting!

What is 1SStory?

By using 1SStory, you can create your own storylines and you can also convert them into beautiful collages. The app allows you edit the content of your story as you wish. Whether you want to tell a romantic love story or share an unforgettable travel experience, 1SStory can bring you to explore!


Features of 1SStory:

Edit The Story as You Wish

In 1SSstory, you can edit the content of your story as you like. 1SStory provides powerful editing features that give you the freedom to edit the content of your story. You can add text, pictures and stickers, as well as adjust their position and size. Whether you want to tell a romantic love story or a thrilling adventure, you can find the right template and material for you here.

Multiple Story Themes

1SStory provides a variety of story themes, including romance, adventure, suspense, science fiction and so on. You can choose the right theme according to your preference to make your story more colorful. If you are a self-media operation worker, sometimes you also need to attract users' attention through story writing. This software will be able to provide the corresponding themes to help you improve your work efficiency.

Add Your Favorite Photos

In 1SStory, you can add your favorite photos to the story. These photos can be taken by you or downloaded from the web. By adding photos, you can make your story more vivid and interesting. If you have vivid words or wonderful photos in your story, won't it make your readers can't stop reading at all?

Add Stickers to Beautify Your Story

In addition to the basic editing functions, 1SStory also provides a variety of functions to beautify the story content. What is the purpose of stickers? You can add stickers to the story, and these stickers can be cute animals, beautiful flowers, or all kinds of funny emoticons. By adding stickers, you can make your story more colorful.

Adjust Text Details

Sometimes you may not like the default font of the software. Then in 1SStory, you can adjust the text details by adjusting the font, color, size and so on. By adjusting text details, 1SStory can make your story more personalized.

Constantly Updated Story Templates

Do you feel that sometimes it takes too much time to create stories? Or, what story theme is more in line with what you want to express? Well, 1SStory can help you solve this problem! 1SStory provides countless constantly updated story templates, no matter which style you prefer, you can find a satisfactory choice here. These templates are carefully designed by professional designers, both stylish and personalized.

Easy-to-use Interface

In 1SStory, you can start creating new stories with just a simple operation. Whether you have design experience or not, you can easily get started. With just a few steps of operation, you can create your own unique story.

Share on Instagram

When you're done editing your story, you can choose to share your story on Instagram. This way, your friends and family can enjoy your creation and can show their love by commenting and liking it.


Why is 1SSstory a good app?

So, why should you choose 1SStory? First of all, this app is so powerful that it can fulfill almost all your needs for story editing. Whether it's text, images or stickers, you can easily add and edit them. Secondly, 1SStory is very easy to use, even if you have no editing experience. Last but not least, 1SStory provides a rich resource of story templates and stickers so that you can create unique story works.

Download the Latest Version of 1SStory!

If you haven't tried 1SStory yet, then download it now! I am sure you will be attracted by its powerful functions and simple operation!


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