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QuitNow PRO: Stop smoking

QuitNow PRO: Stop smoking v6.48.0 MOD APK (Paid)

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Size:15.5 MB Latest update:Dec 27, 2023


About QuitNow PRO: Stop smoking

   You have no idea how quitting smoking is so easy with QuitNow PRO: Stop smoking.

What is QuitNow PRO: Stop smoking?

   There are more than 1.3 billion smokers in the world and every year there will be 8 million people killed by tobacco, including 1.3 million non-smokers who are exposed to second-hand smoke according to the report of the World Health Organization.
   So you can tell it's not just harmful to yourself when smoking but also slowly kills other people you don't even know or those surrounding you as your family and friends. It's a murder to some extent. You must be unexpected to be the one who destroys others' happiness and health.

   Then you start considering quitting tobacco but find it so hard that you can't insist on it until you know there's an app named QuitNow PRO: Stop smoking.


Features of QuitNow PRO: Stop smoking

1. Try to think differently

   Why is it so hard to quit smoking? It's probably because you consider no smoking as a punishment or a sacrifice. You may know smoking is unhealthy but lots of people around you smoke and have nothing so serious about their body, so you don't really think smoking is such s big deal. You're pushing your luck. Smoking is sure to harm your body in a slow and unnoticeable way.
   It's time for you to think differently now. Try to consider no smoking as a magical medicine that you don't have to take, but cures your disease gently and successfully. There are so many advantages to not smoking and you just don't know.

2. 100% reason to quit smoking

   On the home page of QuitNow PRO: Stop smoking, three important numbers keep telling you how much progress you have made since you started quitting smoking. Time is the true healer and judge. From minute to daytime, you have insisted on 17 days, 10 hours and 23 minutes. Every minute is counted in your future success. In detail, that means you avoided 244 cigarettes, which is equal to 70 dollars. The more cigarettes you smoked before, the more money you will save today. Thus, fortunately, you won 1 more day back for your life.
   Those above are just benefits for yourself. The coin has the other side hidden beneath. QuitNow PRO: Stop smoking will show you actual achievements when you succeed in quitting. If you accomplish the requirements on the page of Achievements, the corresponding picture will light up. More than 80 achievements are waiting for you to light them up.

3. Share feelings and stories with people just like you

   It must be so hard at the beginning of the quitting process. That deep desire in your heart keeps reminding you of the comfortable feeling when you smoke. You are fighting against your irrational self but you're not alone.
   There is a community on QuitNow PRO: Stop smoking. Yes, it's the ex-smoker community. When you find you're about to give up on this, you can have a chat with people who are experiencing the same as you. They will give you useful advice on quitting smoking and encourage you as they know how difficult it would be.

4. Scientific WHO tips

   Quitting smoking does have science-proven advantages. The longer you insist on this, the healthier you'll be. For example, you'll find your blood circulation and skin hydration are improved as well as the premature disappearance. Then, physical nicotine dependence is eliminated, respiratory function becomes standard, and taste and smell senses are regained.

Why is QuitNow PRO: Stop smoking a good app?

   For smokers who decide to quit smoking, QuitNow PRO: Stop smoking is their best choice. It helps them gain confidence in quitting. Day by day, they become more and more happy and positive. As soon as possible, no smoking will be their belief and even love the feeling of quitting smoking.

Download the latest version of QuitNow PRO: Stop smoking

   Stopping smoking from now on should not just be a phrase. Make it your lifetime slogan with QuitNow PRO: Stop smoking. 


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