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Circons: Circle Icon Pack

Circons: Circle Icon Pack v7.2.8 MOD APK (Patched)

Category:Personalization Apps OS:Android

Size:34.2 MB Latest update:Dec 27, 2023


About Circons: Circle Icon Pack

 Ever felt the need to give your smartphone a visual makeover, injecting a burst of color and style into your digital world? Wondering if there's an icon pack that not only stands out but also offers a diverse range of attractive designs? Look no further than Circons: Circle Icon Pack.


 The Circons software includes a large number of circle icons along with some really cool backgrounds. With Circons, you can choose from a wide selection of circular wallpapers and icon packs. This set of circle-shaped icons has some beautiful, modern gradients. Exceptionally elegant iconography, five KWGT settings, compatibility with all popular launchers such as Lawnchair or Nova Launcher, and ten wallpapers to get you started.



Diversified Images with High Quality

 Circons offers a plethora of high-quality images, including cartoons, adorable pets, landscapes and more, for you to choose from based on your interests. If you are a travel enthusiast, you can set various monuments and picturesque locations from around the world as your background. If you enjoy playing video games, you can choose various game characters as your background.

Color palette

 There is a palette in Circons: Circle Icon Pack for everyone. You also have the power to choose the most appropriate hue for the icon's highlight. You can choose from a variety of colors for your icon, including pastel, soft, and minimalist. 

 Additionally, you can create your own universe here, much like a painter would, using color. Your icon realm is unlike anything else in the universe. Of course, you can also select icons directly in a variety of colors and styles-the possibilities are endless.

Vibrant Images

 Rich meaning and original information are inherent in a beautiful image. Professional design is the only way to produce the most flawless and stunning photographs. Users who come to Circons will be able to have several photos at the maximum resolution of 192x192 pixels. Since each icon is delicate and self-explanatory, users can work in the most comfortable creative zone.

Free to Download

 If you find your favorite wallpapers or icons in Circons, don't hesitate to download them - it costs nothing. It's easy because all you have to do to get what you want quickly is click Download. 

 In addition, here you can discover the most amazing icons and matching backgrounds. Also, you'll be able to find heroes if you want additional graphic icons. It is true that this program will offer these icons free of charge, and each of them is a remarkable image.


App Usage

Instructions for Finding Another Icon:

 The user can change an icon by following the simple procedures listed below. Firstly, tap the icon selection box after first tapping the Home screen. Secondly, select your preferred icon by tapping the edit box, and it will open in this box. In the end, you have achieved your desired result by following the above procedures.

Final Verdict

 For the most part, Circons: Circle Icon Pack is a fantastic program that is well worth acquiring and using. It can create custom colors to suit each user's unique personality and attributes, in addition to offering vibrant visuals to suit a variety of needs. It's also incredibly useful that you can download the wallpapers and photos from this application for free whenever you want. 

 Proceed if you want to have a calm and contented attitude every day and if you want to have an attractive desktop on your device. You will certainly discover something unexpected.

Download Circons: Circle Icon Pack Now!

 Download and use this program with confidence if you need to change the components and colors of your smartphone interface.


1. Is it possible to pick up packages every month for free?

 Indeed it is. Users have the right to get their packages for free every month, based on their own needs and purposes.

2. How many icons are there in total?

 There are probably around 2,000 icons in total.


Circons: Circle Icon Pack Circons: Circle Icon Pack Circons: Circle Icon Pack Circons: Circle Icon Pack