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AR Compass PRO

AR Compass PRO v1.8.1 MOD APK (Full Paid, Patched)

Category:Travel & Local Apps OS:Android

Size:2M Latest update:Dec 27, 2023


About AR Compass PRO

Introducing AR Compass PRO: Navigate your world with confidence!



Are you tired of getting lost or struggling to find your way in unfamiliar places? Look no further – AR Compass PRO is here to make navigation a breeze. With its advanced augmented reality technology and extensive features, this app is designed to provide accurate and reliable directions, ensuring you never lose your way again. Read on to discover the exceptional features, how to use the app, and why you should download it today.



AR Compass PRO boasts an impressive array of features that set it apart from other navigation apps:


3D Augmented Reality display

Our 3D Augmented Reality display offers an immersive experience with high precision and stability. It brings virtual objects to life, seamlessly blending them into the real world.


Integrated split-screen map with GPS location

The integrated split-screen map provides a comprehensive view of your surroundings. It can be easily adjusted to your preferred size, allowing you to navigate with ease. With the GPS location feature, you can accurately track your position in real-time.


Display various GPS information

Our display not only shows your current location but also provides various GPS information. This includes distance, speed, altitude, and more. Stay informed about your journey and make informed decisions based on this valuable data.


Measure the height of large objects

With our augmented reality capabilities, you can effortlessly measure the height of large objects. Simply point your device towards the object, and our display will accurately calculate its height, making it convenient for construction, architecture, or any other applications where precise measurements are crucial.


Metal detector functionality

Our display goes beyond traditional GPS features by incorporating a magnetic field strength measurement feature. This acts as a handy metal detector, notifying you of any magnetic influences in your vicinity. Whether you're searching for buried treasures or avoiding potential hazards, this functionality adds an extra layer of safety and exploration to your experience.


Magnetic field strength warning

To ensure your safety and alert you to potential magnetic influences, our display includes a magnetic field strength warning. This alerts you when you encounter significant magnetic fields, helping you stay aware of your surroundings and make informed decisions.


Geocaching support

Embark on exciting geocaching adventures using our display. Easily define and find landmarks, making the process seamless and enjoyable. Share your discovered landmarks or your current location with other users, fostering a sense of community and exploration.


Flexible landmark definition options

Defining landmarks has never been easier. You can specify the latitude and longitude in various formats, allowing for flexibility and compatibility with different coordinate systems. Additionally, landmarks can be defined by a long-press on the map or by specifying distance and bearing, catering to your individual preferences and needs.


LG's Real3D technology support

Our display is fully compatible with LG's Real3D technology for stereoscopic displays. This brings a whole new level of depth and realism to your augmented reality experience. Immerse yourself in a world where virtual objects come to life with stunning visual effects.




Download AR Compass PRO Now !


Don't miss out on this extraordinary navigation tool that combines advanced technology with ease of use. Whether you're exploring new cities, embarking on outdoor adventures, or simply trying to find your way around town, AR Compass PRO has got you covered. Download the app today and never get lost again!


Remember, AR Compass PRO offers an unparalleled navigation experience, featuring augmented reality, precise compass functionality, comprehensive maps, offline support, and a customizable interface. Say goodbye to getting lost and hello to confident navigation. Get ready to explore the world with ease – download AR Compass PRO now!


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