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Economic Times

Economic Times v4.5.3 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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About Economic Times

   Economic Times is your best news reading app. Here are authoritative news and objective evaluations, and every article is worth your careful appreciation.

What is Economic Times?

   To invest accurately and guarantee returns, you must always have access to the latest business and economic information. Analyze market changes to take the best approach to future risks. And for this information, Economic Times is your best choice. It covers a wide range of industries, updates timely, and articles of high quality.


Features of Economic Times

1. High-quality economic news application

   The Economic Times is the second most-read English-language business newspaper in the world, after the Wall Street Journal, with more than 800,000 readers. Having such a large readership is a testament to the quality of its news articles. In countries where English is not a native language, it is the best learning resource for many English learners.

   Its news content covers the Indian economy, international finance, stock prices, commodity prices and other finance-related matters. It can be said that through Economic Times, you can learn about the most important economic information in the world and an objective judgment and interpretation of this information. This will greatly improve your economic knowledge, financial knowledge and social knowledge.


2. Follow the news and get useful ways to make money

   Among the many readers, Economic Times is the most valuable for those working in the financial industry. Here are experts' professional analyses of the current stock market situation and will give some advice. According to their suggestions, you can follow the relevant stock information and operate according to your current situation. The stocks you follow can also view their related content through the Sensex page of Economic Times, which includes Sensex daily trends and live Sensex news.

   Other than this basic information you should know about the stock, you can learn more about Economic Times, such as IPOs, FPOs, commodities, forex, and bonds. When you first enter the world of finance, you may be exposed to all kinds of information. At first, you feel overwhelmed and confused. But Economic Times gives you a chance to learn before practice.


3. Richness in news and personality in richness

   The diversity of Economic Times can be seen by its categories on the top of the home page. It includes Mutual Funds, Personal Finance News, Slideshows, Stocks, etc., and it also covers news that people most care about, that is, daily highlights, Budget 2023 news, stock updates, and Market Q3 results. Each page under each category covers the headlines and top news.
   What's special about Economic Times is that users can manage their own news with personal preferences. Every time there are new updates, you'll be noted and get them at the same minute they are published. If you wanna make sure you can read it at any time, you can download it in case there is no signal or Internet.

4. Find your favorite while sharing it simultaneously

   The search engine is also extraordinarily useful when you wanna know certain information as soon as possible without wasting time finding it. Some people show exclusive interest in Indian culture and geology. They can search for it and the results will be all about it in topics or content.
   If there is someone you know who also likes reading news, you can share the article you like with him to gain mutual understanding or opinions.

Why is Economic Times a good app?

   Economic Times is like a treasure trove of knowledge. Learners, investors, financial industry practitioners and entrepreneurs all can find the information they wanna know and use. It isn't just a news app but an English teacher, financial expert, sociologist, critic, and business executive.

Download the latest version of Economic Times

   In Economic Times, you will get the most authoritative opinions and news on economics, finance, politics, etc. You have no reason to miss that because you're passionate about knowledge and growth.


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