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Balance v1.106.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Health & Fitness Apps OS:Android

Size:95.6 MB Latest update:Dec 28, 2023


About Balance

   Many people have trouble balancing their life and work, but they all get relief after they use Balance.

What is Balance?

   It's an app just like its name Balance. It helps you balance everything. Balance is a subtle state with equal weight on both sides. Maybe there is some volatility sometimes but always be peaceful again. This state requires people to be calm and peaceful over a long period of time but allows a little change and ups and downs.

   Although this state sounds easy, not everyone can achieve that and have a peaceful and kind mind. Since it's hard for you to get a balance in your life, you now have the app Balance to help you.


Features of Balance

1. Learn to meditate

   Some people may not be so familiar with meditation. Let's learn something about it before telling you the wonderful details of Balance. Meditation is a practice of mind. There are normally two different ways of meditation known by most people. For example, the first is to make your focus stay still somewhere specific, maybe a part of your body or the candlelight before you.
   As scientific research shows, people under stress get obvious improvement after they practice meditation for a certain amount of time. In this case, you can fully trust Balance.

   In Balance, users get more than 1 thousand types of meditation. You needn't consider which way to meditate or what to meditate for today, because Balance will arrange your daily routine specifically.

2. Fully know about yourself

   Few people can say they completely know themselves, so do you. Let's answer several questions silently in your mind.  How do you feel recently? Are you stressed a little? Do you have a clear goal for your future? What's the biggest source of your stress? In Balance, no one will judge you or terribly influence your practical life. You can answer these questions honestly.
   For one thing, answers to the above questions help you recognize your problems that you can no longer ignore. For another, through the analysis of your answers, Balance will find the best meditation plan for you. Your information is totally safe and private in Balance in case you may have some worries.

3. Personalized meditation for you

   In Balance, there are meditation experts Ofosu Jones-Quartey and Leah Santa Cruz who will offer professional guidance to you. Their experience in research supports meditation courses in Balance. The meditation library has many types, such as meditation for work, sleep, relaxation, focus, couples, and anxiety.
   As long as you honestly share your feelings, troubles and goals with Balance, you will get the most personalized suggestion of meditation.

4. A free year of membership

   In case people can't make up their mind to use Balance, it gives people a whole year of free membership to try Balance. This year, users will enjoy all the services on Balance to see whether it will help reduce stress and anxiety, get better sleep, increase focus on everything, and finally be happier than ever.
   Balance will not make you disappointed or dissatisfied. Trust it, the free first year will be an incredible experience for you.

Why is Balance a good app?

   It's not just a balance for life, it does more to help you to become a better man. When you use Balance, you'll start fully knowing yourself while meditating. As time flies, you've meditated so many times that it has become an indispensable habit for you've recognized that Balance truly can give you a peaceful mind without complicated emotions you can't control. Your anxiety and unstable state have disappeared nowhere.

Download the latest version of Balance

   Give yourself a chance to enjoy peace and calm through professional suggestions on the meditation of Balance. Your new life will begin as long as you start Balance.


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