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My Tasks

My Tasks v7.3.2 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Productivity Apps OS:Android

Size:21.8 MB Latest update:Dec 28, 2023


About My Tasks

  Nowadays, fast-paced life has become a trend, people have many tasks to complete every day, and they will inevitably forget something. My Tasks can solve this problem. Users only need to list the to-do list according to the task priority on the My Tasks app every day, and then check and complete the tasks one by one. In this way, life can become more organized.



  My Tasks is recognized as a smart electronic notebook that helps users easily arrange their work and study schedule. Users can not only write things down quickly, but also create personal schedules and to-do lists to keep their lives organized. In addition, My Tasks also comes with some thoughtful functions, such as reminding users to complete their to-do lists in time, setting 3 different colors to show the progress of the day's tasks at a glance, and even My Tasks supports voice input commands, so that users can create the day's task lists without having to manually type them in. After downloading My Tasks, you no longer need to take a physical notebook to know exactly how much you have accomplished that day!


1. Rationalization of the schedule

  My Tasks is an efficient and functional application for people of all ages. Whether at work or studying, you can use this app to take notes or make to-do lists, supporting you in planning your work, organizing your study schedule, and setting up all goals, plans, and tasks! Every day you just need to think about what to-do's you have, enter them into the app, and whenever you complete one, you can put a checkmark behind a to-do item, which not only helps you plan your time reasonably, but also helps you save a lot of time to keep you productive.

2. A good timely reminder

  It's not uncommon for many users to forget to complete a task that they missed during a busy day, and My Tasks introduces a function that solves this problem. Users can set reminders for each task according to their needs. For example,Allen will have a meeting at 3:00 p.m., he can set a reminder in the morning so that at 3 o'clock, My Tasks will sound on time to remind the user to get ready for the meeting. It's worth noting that the reminder can't be set only once, but the user can set it several times, in short, this function will remind you on time that it's time to complete the task!

3. Comprehensive view of work progress

  Users can view their total progress for the day, week, and month through the calendar view on My Tasks. Different progress will correspond to different colors of yellow, red, and green. Users can see the overall progress of their work or study at a glance. Which day's tasks have all been completed, which day's tasks are still missing, can be clearly divided, so that the user will not forget to complete the task and feel distressed!

4. Simple interface and easy operation

  My Tasks has a simple and beautiful color scheme with white and green as its main colors. After downloading the app, you just need to follow the instructions to get started, and many people can even create to-do lists without guidance. My Tasks has attracted many people to download it due to its outstanding features and simple appearance, and we hope more users will pay attention to My Tasks and start a different journey!

5. Support voice command

  Sometimes, some users find it tedious to create lists manually. It's great that My Tasks supports voice input. All you need to do is allow My Tasks to access your microphone and you can describe your needs into the microphone and My Tasks will record your voice and convert it into commands to create to-do lists automatically!


Why Choose My Tasks?

There are many reasons to choose My Tasks. First, it's more than just a notebook, it reminds you to complete your to-do list, second, you can see an overview of your progress through the calendar for the current day or month, and lastly, My Tasks supports voice input, which saves you a lot of time when you have to create lists manually.

Download My Tasks Now!

My Tasks is a must-have for today's busy lives, so download it now and start living an organized life!


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