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Launcher 10

Launcher 10 v2.7.62 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Personalization Apps OS:Android

Size:20M Latest update:Dec 28, 2023


About Launcher 10

Introducing Launcher 10: Customize your Android home screen effortlessly!



Tired of the same old, boring home screen on your Android device? Look no further – Launcher 10 is here to transform your mobile experience. With its exceptional features and intuitive design, this app allows you to personalize your home screen like never before. Read on to discover the remarkable features, how to use the app, and why you should download it today.




Premium features (requires in-app purchase)

Unlock premium features to enhance your experience even further.

Live tiles: Display notification content, contacts, calendar, clock, and gallery directly on customizable live tiles.

Tile badges: Stay updated with the number of missed calls, unread messages, and more, displayed as badges on app tiles.


Start Screen

Customize your home screen to reflect your style and preferences.

Pin apps as tiles: Easily access your favorite apps by pinning them as tiles on your start screen.

Add widgets: Enhance your home screen with widgets for quick access to information and functionality.

Folders: Group related tiles together for a clean and organized start screen layout.


All Apps Screen

Effortlessly manage and navigate through your installed apps.

View all apps: Swipe over to the All Apps list to see a comprehensive view of all your installed apps.

Search: Quickly find specific apps by searching through your entire app collection.

Recently added apps: Access recently installed apps conveniently from a dedicated section.

Hide apps: Keep your app drawer clutter-free by hiding apps you rarely use.



Personalize your home screen to match your unique style.

Icon pack support: Customize the appearance of your app icons by applying icon packs from a wide variety of options.

Edit tiles: Modify any tile on your start screen with custom icons, backgrounds, and sizes to create a truly personalized look.

Landscape mode: Enjoy landscape orientation support for an optimized viewing experience.

Wallpaper customization: Change your wallpaper to suit your mood or preference.

Light and dark mode: Switch between light and dark modes to match your device's theme or personal preference.

Default tile color: Choose your preferred default tile color to create a cohesive and visually appealing home screen.

Tile transparency: Adjust the transparency of your tiles for a subtle or bold look.

Icon options: Choose to display white icons for known apps or system/icon pack icons for increased variety and customization.

Scrolling wallpaper: Enable or disable scrolling wallpaper for a dynamic and interactive home screen experience.

And more: Discover additional customization options to truly transform and personalize your home screen. Download now and unlock the full potential!


App Usage


Customize Your Layout: Long-press on the home screen to access the customization options. Resize tiles, move them around, create folders, and personalize your layout according to your preferences.


Add Widgets and Live Tiles: To add widgets or live tiles, long-press on an empty area of the home screen and select "Add Widget" or "Add Live Tile." Choose from a variety of options to enhance your home screen experience.


Explore Gesture Controls: Dive into the settings menu to enable and customize gesture controls. Experiment with different gestures to streamline navigation and access your favorite features quickly.


Download Launcher 10 Now!

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform your Android home screen effortlessly. Launcher 10 offers a unique Windows 10 style experience, customizable layouts, live tiles, app drawer customization, and intuitive gesture controls. Say goodbye to mundane home screens and hello to a personalized interface that reflects your style.

Experience the power of customization – download Launcher 10 today and give your Android device a fresh new look!

Remember, Launcher 10 allows you to customize your home screen like never before by offering Windows 10 inspired design, live tiles, customizable layouts, app drawer organization, and gesture controls. Elevate your Android experience and make it truly yours – download Launcher 10 now!


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