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Soso Note - daily journal

Soso Note - daily journal v1.7.4 MOD APK (Paid/Optimized)

Category:Lifestyle Apps OS:Android

Size:32.4 MB Latest update:Dec 29, 2023


About Soso Note - daily journal

   One day, cute things will rule the world, and Soso Note - Daily Journal will be the king favored by all because people are all addicted to its cuteness when writing journals on Soso Note - Daily Journal.

What is Soso Note - Daily Journal?

   At a young age, almost all of us would write a journal every day secretly to record our feelings of the day, happy or sad, to remember the important things happening today, to tell ourselves what we should learn about the day's life lessons, etc. As long as we learn how to write words, we start this lifetime schedule.
   Writing a journal makes us peaceful in mind while being satisfied with ourselves and the day. Even though some of us lost this ability to write daily journals because we have grown up as adults and there's not much time to do it, we should be aware of the importance of journals and start over.

   Soso Note - Daily Journal will remind you of the beautiful memories when writing journals as a child. The cute pink bear of its logo is just like you when you were a little kid writing a journal on your bed wearing a cutely serious expression. At that time, your focus was exclusive without any disturbance of complex interpersonal relationships and conflicts of interest.


Features of Soso Note - Daily Journal

1.  Cute, cute, cute!

   The important things should be said out loud at least three times. Every design of Soso Note - Daily Journal shows the goal of its author: be cute! From its logo, homepage, fonts, stickers, emojis, themes, and background pictures to other decorations, they are all delightful and cutely delicate.
   Being cute has a magical power. No one will refuse cute things. The research on "cuteness" published by Morten L. Kringelbach and co-workers at the University of Oxford points out that  "lovability" is "one of the most fundamental and powerful forces capable of shaping human behavior.

   As you use Soso Note - Daily Journal longer and longer, you'll be cuter than ever by its unconscious influence. Just like you are so overwhelmed by cuteness, others will find it hard to reject you as you are such a cute person.


2.  Recreate your wonderful day on Soso Note - Daily Journal

   On the calendar of Soso Note - Daily Journal, each day of the month is no longer just a pure number representing date, but a little cute bear one by one with different colors, expressions and moods. Saturday is a happy red bear, it shows great enthusiasm and it grins from ear to ear. Wednesday is a sad purple bear, it feels so exhausted that it keeps complaining about why people have to work, and it cries out loud in its mind.
   The specific events of the day will be written carefully. The date, season, temperature, to-do list, useful information, and drama gossip will be the content of today's journal. You can highlight the crucial message with light colors for you to summarize today. You can also put several interesting photos in the journal. They will be shown on the top of it.

   To-do list is a nice function. You can write your goals for tomorrow, such as reading at least one chapter. When you successfully finish it, you can use a check mark.


Why is Soso Note - Daily Journal a good app?

   Writing journals is a way to connect with your innocent self in childhood. When you were a child, every adult or elder would ask you the question:" Are you happy today?" It gives you a hint that being happy is the most important thing in the world and they really care about whether you're happy or not. But when you grow up, nobody asks you that question and you figure out that the reason why elders often ask that is they wish you are happy even though they're not.
   Soso Note - Daily Journal pays lots of attention to your mood and feelings to tell you that you deserve to be happy and you should know it!

Download the latest version of Soso Note - Daily Journal

   Start writing journals again with the cutest app Soso Note - Daily Journal in the world. Using cute things makes you cuter.


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