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Baby Tracker

Baby Tracker v4.37.0 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Lifestyle Apps OS:Android

Size:47.6 MB Latest update:Jan 18, 2024


About Baby Tracker

  Every mom is great, when babies are born, mothers have to focus all their attention on these cute little babies. Although the birth of a baby will bring joy to the whole family, at the same time, how to take care of this cute little life also bothers a lot of mothers. Baby Tracker will be a great assistant for moms, helping them to record information about their babies' growth and plan a healthy growth plan for them.


What is Baby Tracker App?

  Baby Tracker is a practical application for newborn babies that allows mothers to track their babies' breastfeeding, diaper changing, solid food consumption, sleep quality, etc. 

  Baby Tracker analyzes the growth data recorded by the user and then gives a set of perfect parenting plans. Users can also set a reminder to do something at a specific time, for example, if the baby's diaper change time is at 9:00 am, Baby Tracker will send a notification to remind the user on time.

Features of Baby Tracker App:

1. Monitoring the quality of baby's sleep

  Through the Baby Tracker app, users can monitor their baby's sleep quality. Users can record their baby's nap, naps and deep sleep every day, and then they can check their baby's sleep status on a specific day, or sleep quality on a weekly or monthly basis.

  Of course, Baby Tracker also monitors the quality of baby's sleep trends based on the user's records, and develops a set of reasonable sleep schedules, which is scientific and practical, and will be very beneficial to the growth of your baby.

2. Rational planning of baby's diet

  Mothers need to take good care of their babies every day, especially the safety of baby's diet, which deserves every mother's attention. As the old saying goes, illness comes in by the mouth, Baby Tracker can track babies' breastfeeding, solid food or formula feeding, it not only records the feeding time, but also has a preset mode in the app, which helps moms to balance the nutrients in the food, and the user can also record the formula or milk formula into the app, the app will also evaluate the quality and make the best diet plan.

3. Recording information on baby's growth

  Baby Tracker is also an electronic notepad that allows moms to record their baby's growth information so that they can witness their baby's growth and keep an eye on their baby's health at all times. Baby Tracker supports the recording of multiple baby activities, diaper changes and occasional little doctor’s visits, breastfeeding, the use of medication or medical history, etc. Moms can also upload pictures to accurately record their baby's overall development. 

4. Little assistant for baby’s health problems

  Although most mothers are very careful and reliable in taking care of their babies, it is inevitable that some first-time mothers will have questions about their babies' health. 

  When you encounter minor problems such as diarrhea, dehydration, constipation, etc., you may want to ask Baby Tracker. Baby Tracker will analyze all kinds of developmental data of your baby, and ultimately find out the cause of the illness and provide scientific and practical solutions.

5. Remind users promptly

  Baby Tracker is not only a great baby health management application, but also a sweet little assistant. As the frequency of diaper changing is very high in the early stage of a baby's life, some mothers will inevitably forget to change the baby's diaper, so mothers can set up diaper changing tasks on Baby Tracker and choose the reminder function, then when the time comes, Baby Tracker will remind the user on time!


Download the Latest Version of Baby Tracker APP

  With the Baby Tracker, users can see their baby's health at a glance, they can not only monitor the baby's sleep quality, rational planning of the baby's diet, but also accurately know the baby's frequency of diaper changes, medication use and so on, these informations are very advantageous for the hospital to the doctor's checkups. In addition, mothers can also use Baby Tracker as a baby's growth notepad to be a better help fo the baby's growth


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