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mySugr v3.95.0 mySugr v3.95.0 APK + MOD (Pro Unlocked)

Category:Medical Apps OS:Android

Size:122 MB Latest update:Jan 22, 2024


About mySugr

  We believe that many people still disturbed by diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires long-term good health regulation and effective measures to enable diabetic patients to delay the onset of the disease, or even lifelong non-onset of the disease. But most people can't afford to go to the hospital all the time or have a private doctor to take good care of them, so how can users always check their body data? mySugr will give the answer!


What is mySugr App?

  mySugr is an application specially designed for patients who are suffering from diabetes. mySugr analyzes the user's body data to track or stabilize the diabetic's intake or consumption, supports voice assistants to answer the user's questions online, and at the same time, based on the user's physical condition, mySugr will also give the user a reasonable diet plan, which will help the user to recover quickly and save a huge amount of money on medical expenses!

Features of mySugr App:

1. Real-time tracking of intake and consumption

  Users can track their consumption and intake in real time, such as blood glucose levels, meals, carbohydrate intake, medications and other details that affect diabetes. mySugr’s interface is clean and has an intuitive dashboard that clearly displays users’ body data, making it easy for them to get a full grasp of their information, which is conducive to the body's rapid recovery.

2. Compatible with a variety of diabetes devices

  mySugr supports compatibility with the vast majority of diabetes devices on the market. This includes Accu-Chek glucose meters, insulin pumps, CGM systems, etc. Users can connect to these devices, which will transfer data to the app, allowing users to visualize their latest data without having to manually enter it every day, and users can share this data with their family members.

3. Voice assistant to answer questions online

  It supports voice assistants or can be connected to a smartwatch. Users can use the microphone to describe their questions about diabetes, and the voice assistant will answer them like a real person, giving the user a precise and professional advice from professionals who have a lot of experience with diabetes, and of course, the user can also connect with a professional doctor on the app, eliminating the need to go to the hospital.

4. Customized diet plan

  According to the user's physical condition, mySugr will also give a reasonable healthy diet plan to avoid the user's diabetic condition getting more serious because of the misuse of food, and for the user's dietary questions, mysugr will also give a detailed and accurate answer.

5. Professional version function

  mySugr has also launched a professional version which will have more powerful features. The professional version of mySugr will analyze the user's latest daily body data and recommend insulin injections according to the user's physical condition. Secondly, the user can also upload their daily diet photos, and mySugr will also calculate carbohydrates, set up glucose reminders, and monitor the user's body in real time to give them reasonable advice!

6. Support for generating detailed reports

  mySugr supports the use of pdf or excel table to generate a detailed report of the user's physical data, the user can share these with healthcare professionals, so that they can quickly grasp your specific information, so as to make adjustments to the diet or lifestyle habits, in addition, the user's data can be guaranteed, despite the use of peace of mind, your physical data will be automatically uploaded to the cloud, do not need to worry about data loss!


Download the Latest Version of mySugr APP

  mySugr is an app specially designed for diabetics which allows users to monitor their own body data in real time, and mySugr will also give advice based on the user's physical condition, rationalize the user's diet, and if the user has a question about diabetes, they can also ask the question through the voice assistant, which will quickly recognize it, and give you a professional reply. Download the latest version of mySugr now, and your diabetes problems will be solved!


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