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MoArt v2023.10.20 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Entertainment Apps OS:Android

Size:81.5 MB Latest update:Jan 23, 2024


About MoArt

  Nowadays, many people are eager to share their life to all social platforms, but many people don't know how to make creative stories, please don't worry, MoArt will be your good helper. In MoArt, you can not only use a wealth of templates to achieve the purpose of quickly creating stories, but also you can choose to freely edit your story to add some interesting elements. Uploaded story color is too monotonous? MoArt also provides a variety of styles of filters, to ensure that the user can be one-click out of the film, to create a great work of art!

What is MoArt App?

  MoArt is an app that allows you to create creative stories for Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and other social media platforms. It has over 150 story templates to choose from, and allows you to use your endless imagination and creativity to add all sorts of fun elements, such as weird stickers, personalized fonts, or cool music, etc. Then, after editing, you can create your own stories and share them on all social media platforms to share your life. 

Features of MoArt App:

1. Abundant templates

  MoArt has more than 150 templates with different designs and styles for users to choose from. Even if you're new to story making, it's still easy to get started, you just need to import your favorite image and select a template to create a story in one click, from cute, to fresh, to quirky, MoArt has it all, and you're just a few steps away from creating your own creative story!


2. Freely edit story

  MoArt not only has super rich templates, but also users can choose to edit the story freely to create their own creative works. Firstly, if you want to change the color tone of your image, users can use the filters provided by MoArt, which also include different styles that will make your image look colorful and clear. Secondly, MoArt provides a large number of personalized art fonts, many users like to add text description on the image, users can choose according to their own preferences. Lastly, does it feel that story is too monotonous? Cute stickers will make your story look more creative!!

3. Add your favorite music

  Choosing the right music for your work is a very important thing. If you want to make your story look more energetic, pick a favorite music to add to your video, whether it's lyrical or rock style, you can choose as much as you want. MoArt will suggest music to you, click different keywords and you will enter different music worlds, and of course, you can choose to upload music files by yourself. In a word, your story will be very impressive after adding music!

4. Create unique text effects

  When users creating a story, it is unavoidable to add text. Adding text seems to be very simple, in fact, you can adjust the font, size, color, spacing, and alignment to make the text stand out, MoArt also supports brush effects, so you can manually add brush effects to the image to make the story look more vivid and interesting.

5. Simple interface and easy to use

  You may think that creating a story is very complicated, but in fact, MoArt has powerful functions, and how to use each function is clear at a glance, we also set up a beginner's guide, you will quickly get started through the guidance.MoArt's interface is very simple, adopting a unified theme and color tone, the whole page is clean and comfortable!


Download the Latest Version of MoArt APP

  In MoArt, users can use their imagination to make their works more creative and interesting by using templates and filters, adding interesting stickers, or inserting beautiful music. Download MoArt now, even if you don't know anything about creating stories, you can still create your own excellent works!


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