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Root Call SMS Manager

Root Call SMS Manager v1.24b2 MOD APK (Pro Unlocked)

Category:Communication Apps OS:Android

Size:1.6 MB Latest update:Jan 03, 2024


About Root Call SMS Manager

 In an era dominated by digital connectivity, the rise of telecommunication frauds has become an unfortunate reality. Unscrupulous individuals employ various tactics, from network intrusion to deceptive phone calls and SMS, aiming to exploit people's identity information and financial assets. However, in the battle against such scams, a powerful ally emerges—Root Call SMS Manager. 


 Root Call SMS Manager, conducted by mdn, emerges as a critical tool in the ongoing fight against telecommunication frauds. By empowering users with tools to blacklist and filter calls, Root Call SMS Manager becomes a shield, reducing the risk of falling victim to scams and fraudulent activities. It is designed to provide users with control over their incoming calls and SMS, allowing them to filter out unwanted and potentially harmful communications. 



Call Blacklisting

 The default blacklist configuration is to add a number to the blacklist, and then continue to block calls and SMS from that number until you manually remove it. Root Call SMS Manager empowers users to blacklist specific phone numbers, preventing them from reaching the user's device. This feature is particularly valuable in blocking known scammers, telemarketers, or any unwanted contacts. By curating a personalized blacklist, users can exert control over their incoming calls, reducing the likelihood of falling victim to fraudulent activities.

SMS Filtering

 Users are allowed to set criteria to filter out unwanted text messages, ensuring that their messaging inbox remains free from spam, phishing attempts, or deceptive content. It enhances the overall security of the user's communication channels.

 Specifically, you can specify multiple filters using the ";" symbol. If you start the filter field with the "!" character, the filter will block all messages that it hasn't memorized; all SMS messages from phone numbers that the filter hasn't memorized will be blocked one by one, starting from the beginning of the filter field.

Whitelist Management

 While blacklisting allows users to filter out unwanted contacts, Root Call SMS Manager also includes whitelist management. Any number that is not on this list will be handled in accordance with the established guidelines, regardless of the list's present values.

 Specifically, you can use templates like "?" for any symbol and "*" for any amount of any symbol if you want to create a whitelist. Then use regular expressions with "\" at the beginning and "$" at the end to leave fields blank.


Competitive Advantages

Dual-SIM Support

 Root Call SMS Manager is a program that works with phones that have two SIM cards. It can create identical barring settings for each of your cards. In addition, it restricts calls for both cards on the same phone if you have two cards but not two phones and you have placed them both in the same phone. 

 Moreover, you can also check the current service status in the application settings. If your device has two SIM slots, one of them should be green to indicate that it is starting to work properly.


 To manage the device's hardware, Root Call SMS Manager uses a legitimate submode. It regulates the hardware features of the device, and even if you restart the program, the network on your smartphone remains connected. If you have an MTK phone, make sure you select submode 1 if you restart your device after changing the submode.

Require Seconds’Waiting

 Wait a few seconds after the application starts. This wait is required so that the radio module can fully activate the telephone module by the time the program starts. Normal values add ten to forty seconds, but certain devices can work immediately. You should increase the value if your Dual SIM does not block the second time.

Final Verdict

 In a world where telecommunication frauds pose a constant threat, Root Call SMS Manager operates on the principles of empowerment, customization, and security, offering users a comprehensive toolkit for managing their communication channels with confidence. 

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