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RoughAnimator v3.0.11 MOD+APK (Paid)

Category:Art & Design Apps OS:Android

Size:28.7 MB Latest update:Jan 03, 2024


About RoughAnimator

Are you an animation enthusiast? Do you like drawing animated characters? If you are a person who loves drawing very much, you should look at RoughAnimator. RoughAnimator is a free animation drawing application. With the help of it, you can make perfect animations. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, you can all gain a lot from this application. Because it has many unique tools that can help you make some wonderful animated pictures or videos. 

What is RoughAnimator?

RoughAnimator is an application that is free to use and can help animation-lovers learn how to make perfect animated pictures, or videos. There are some animation drawing lessons for beginners. After learning these lessons, you can learn the right drawing ways and your drawing level will go to a more higher one. In addition, RoughAnimator has a very big advantage for users, especially those people whose family don’t have enough money to afford for their learning of drawing. With this animation drawing application, you can save a large amount of money and tools such as papers and pens, etc. 

The Features of RoughAnimator

1. Smart Animation Drawing Tool

Animation enthusiasts can use this application to draw their favorite animated characters. It is a very good drawing tool for beginners. Even though professionals can use it to enhance their drawing speed and level. Because the drawing process is very long, tedious, and trivial. If professionals use RoughAnimator to finish their pre-preparation works, it can dramatically improve the efficiency of drawing. It is a smart animation drawing tool for both beginners and professionals.


2. Simple Operational Process

You mus think that the aplication is very compliocated to use because it is a professional drawing tool, but the fact is that it is a relatively easy to use application. After you open the application, you will see a interface that is the drawing panel. Ther are many operating tools on the left part of the panel. You can remove your mouse on the top of each icon and then there will pops up a note telling it is used for what. So it is very easy to use for beginners. You ca design the line, shape and color of charaters according to your tastes.

3. Release Your Creativity

Many people have abundant imagination in their heads, but unfortunately, many of them don’t have an opportunity to release their imaginations due to various reasons. Maybe they lack time, money, or suitable tools. But now, RoughAnimator offers users an opportunity to unleash their creative imaginations about animation drawing. You can make your imagination come to life. It is possible that you can create a masterpiece that is appreciated by many people.


4. Make Animated Videos or Films

Do you want to make a cartoon that belongs to you? Well, now your wish can come true. RoughAnimator can not only allows you to draw pictures, but also make animated videos or films. You can draw characters first and then combine them into a video. So, an animation video has been made successfully. You can also dub the video later. With the help of RoughAnimator, your dream of becoming a director has the possibility of coming true.

5. Concise Interface

A good interface design is very important for an application. The interface of RoughAnimator is very simple, concise, and attractive. First, it is very simple because it is designed to facilitate the use process. The layout is very concise for the care of users’ eyes.


Why is RoughAnimator a Good App?

RoughAnimator allows everyone, including beginners and proficients, to create their own animations with very easy operations. In addition, you can also use it to make your favorite animated videos or films. All elements can be altered by you, depending on your tastes and habits.

Download the Latest Version of RoughAnimator

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