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Bike Tracker

Bike Tracker v3.1.05 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Health & Fitness Apps OS:Android

Size:11.4 MB Latest update:Jan 03, 2024


About Bike Tracker

 If you frequently engage in long-distance activities such as walking or cycling, you may want to track your schedule and route precisely. Bike Tracker is a specialized monitoring and computing program that provides comprehensive support by enabling you to track not only your speed, time, and distance, but also navigation and other features. 

 Join us as we explore how this app transforms the way you engage with cycling and other athletic endeavors.


 Bike Tracker is a multifaceted application that goes beyond mere tracking. It serves as a comprehensive toolkit for individuals engaged in various athletic pursuits, ensuring that every activity, whether cycling, running, trekking, or hiking, is documented with precision. The app seamlessly integrates into the user's lifestyle, providing a user-friendly interface that appeals to both beginners and seasoned athletes.

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Distance Calculating

 Bike Tracker's main purpose is to calculate the user's total travel distance. The distance is displayed on a map, allowing you to see the distribution of routes and the elevation of the entire road segment. This feature is useful for future analysis.

 The total time required for the journey is provided alongside the distance. You can assess your competence by comparing these two metrics and making necessary corrections. If the intended outcome is not achieved, subsequent attempts can be improved using this knowledge.

Easy Track with GPS

 When cycling, it's important to choose a safe and suitable route. Bike Tracker can assist with navigation by providing location and itinerary planning through its map and GPS system. We can help you find the right road and way out, even in unfamiliar areas. This journey may be uncertain, but we can make it less so.

 However, please note that GPS may provide inaccurate data when used indoors. Additionally, an outdoor GPS bike tracker may take longer to establish a solid signal in bad weather.

Comprehensive Information

 Bike Tracker provides comprehensive information beyond trip length and speed, including calories burned, altitude, and driving speed. This data is useful for both expert and recreational bikers, who can utilize it to select appropriate nutritional supplements based on their physical exertion.

 By understanding this information, you can assess your own capabilities. You can adjust your speed accordingly if you feel you have not met your objectives or if your body cannot handle the pace. In other words, a cyclist who is concerned about their abilities and physical condition will view and analyze this feedback data as a sign of self-responsibility and will highly value it.


Competitive Advantages

Wide Range of Usage

 The Bike Tracker software enables you to participate in competitive sports and riding, organize sports tournaments, and compare your GPS bike tracking statistics with friends. It also allows you to navigate through enduro bike trails, visit tourist destinations, and stay in touch with your friends.


 The software accommodates electronic bike enthusiasts and enduro bike riders. The app is designed to enhance your biking experience, whether you're riding an e-bike in the city or tackling rough terrain on an enduro bike. It provides specialized metrics for each bike type.

Attractive User Interface

 In addition to its engaging functions, this program requires an eye-catching UI to attract users. Bike Tracker has an elegant and well-organized interface, along with a large selection of sporty-style backgrounds. Users can also customize the interface to their preferred style and mood, and choose between two color modes depending on the atmosphere and weather.

Final Verdict

 Whether you're exploring new routes, challenging yourself with BMX stunts, or navigating cityscapes on an e-bike, Bike Tracker ensures that your journey is not just tracked but enhanced. 

Download Bike Tracker Now!

 Download the app, synchronize it with your cycling endeavors, and let Bike Tracker become your companion for every adventure, every goal, and every pedal stroke.


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