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Bikemap v19.3.0 MOD+APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Maps & Navigation Apps OS:Android

Size:53.3 MB Latest update:Jan 03, 2024


About Bikemap

Are you a bike lover? How are you planning your cycling routes and executing them? Nowadays, with urbanization speeding up, roads are becoming more and more complex. If you are not familiar with the road conditions very much, it is possible for you to lose your way during your journey. At this time, you need an assistant to help plan your cycling routes and tell you how far you went and in which direction you should go. Bikemap is an application that can help you have a perfect bike journey.

What is Bikemap?

Bikemap is an application that can locate your position and plan routes from the starting point to your destination. If you often lose your way or choose a longer route for your bike ride before, you must choose Bikemap as your travel companion. It can evaluate the shortest route for your bike ride. In addition, it also offers you multiple choices of routes. You can choose the most convenient or your favorite route according to your considerations. If you are a bike ride enthusiast, what are you waiting for? Come to Bikemap!


Features of Bikemap

1. Tell You the Shortest Route

As the development of high-tech, people can locate their position very precisely and get the shortest route by the GPS technology. Bikemap is an application that can help locate people’s positions and provide them with multiple routes based on their input of starting places and destinations. This application is especially useful for bike riders because it provides clearer and more detailed route information. With these road information, bike riders can know which route is the shortest and most convenient for their cycling.

2. Detailed Information about Routes

Common GPS map applications only have rough information about the route, such as the time and distance. But Bikemap will offer more detailed information about your cycling routes. For example, it will offer many details such as the cycling time, traffic conditions, traffic jams, danger warnings, etc. Bikers can avoid these risks and spend less time arriving at destinations according to these detailed informations.


3. Multiple Map Styles Are Available for You

In addition to those main functions, Bikemap also offers multiple map styles for users. Each style has different colors, shapes, and backgrounds. You can choose the one you like according to your tastes. We believe that a good interface and themes can attract users’ eyes and make them use it more happily.

4. Set UP Your Common Routes

If you often ride through some routes, you can set them up as your common used routes. So, you can quickly find and use them at your disposal, instead of inputting starting places and destinations every time. It is a very convenient function for users. It can help users save more time, and they can use this saved time to do more things.

5. Intuitive Display of Instructions

Many people worry about whether the instructions will be very complex and difficult to understand. Actually, the instructions are very simple and intuitive. There will be an arrowhead that tells you which direction to go and how far away from the destination you are. The obstacles will also be displayed on the screen. With the help of clear and understandable instructions, bikes can have a more smooth journey.


Why is Bikemap a Good App?

Bikemap can help bikers find the shortest route according to their input of starting points and destinations. In addition, it can offer many detailed information about the routes. With these details, bikes can avoid many risks, save more time, and have a smoother journey. Bikers can also choose their favorite interface style according to their tastes. 

Download the Latest Version of Bikemap

 If you want to have a more smooth and convenient way to your destination, download it immediately!


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