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Drugs Dictionary

Drugs Dictionary v3.9.4 APK + MOD (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Medical Apps OS:Android

Size:45.2 MB Latest update:Jan 23, 2024


About Drugs Dictionary

  In order to against the disease, most of people have to take medicines to protect their health. But people often don't know much about the medicines they take, some people will go to the bookstore to buy medical books, some people will ask their own personal doctor, some people will also go to the Internet to do a search, these are effective ways. 

  In fact, there is no need for these troublesome processes, just download the Drugs Dictionary, you will have an electronic drug dictionary, all the details about the drug can be searched!

What is Drugs Dictionary App

  Drugs Dictionary is a professional app for finding information about drugs, including their uses, effects, dosages, related diseases, etc. The information is provided by professionals, such as famous drug researchers, doctors, pharmacists, etc., so users don't need to worry about information sources. In addition, users can search according to their own needs by both voice and text input, and no need for the Internet, can be viewed offline with no charge!

Features of Drugs Dictionary App:

1. Detailed drugs information

  Drugs Dictionary app is an electronic drug dictionary, detailed information about drugs will be centralized in this app, including the use of drugs, effects, dosage, related diseases, scientific name and so on, the user in the search of this information, the app will also give related to drug advice!


2. Reliable information resource

  Information about drugs is provided by famous drug researchers, doctors, pharmacists and other professionals, so users can be assured about the source of information. Moreover, the user only needs to enter text and click on the search button to get all the information about the drug, which is very comprehensively annotated.

3. Convenient search methods

  Users can use different search methods according to their needs, such as voice input, descriptive text input. Firstly, for voice input, users can turn on the microphone access of Drugs Dictionary, and then speak the name of the drug into the microphone, the system will automatically recognize the voice, to help them quickly search, and secondly, with text input, you just need to enter the text in the search box so that you can quickly check.

4. Support offline search

  Drugs Dictionary can be used to search for medications even when the user has no internet connection. The vast majority of people will inevitably encounter a situation where their cell phone has no network or cannot connect to wifi, at this time, Drugs Dictionary can also support the query, which is very convenient.

5. Viewing history

  Drugs Dictionary introduces a history search function. All the drug names that the user has looked up will be saved in the history column, so that the user does not need to search again to find the drug information, of course, this also greatly facilitates the user can remember the name of the drug used to give the doctor to check!

6.Theme can be switched 

  We have different color themes that users can adjust according to their preferences to make the information more visible. In addition, our features are free to use, so you don't have to worry about spending a lot of money!


Download the Latest Version of Drugs Dictionary APP

  Drugs Dictionary is a very useful and convenient program. Drugs Dictionary is a very useful and convenient program that helps users to know about drugs, such as their uses, effects, dosages and so on, which can protect their health. In addition, this information is provided by professionals, so users don't need to worry about the source of the information, and the app will also give advice on drugs, so that users can quickly grasp the knowledge of drugs. 

  At the same time, Drugs Dictionary supports both voice and text input methods, as well as a variety of color themes for users to choose, is the user's home essential assistant!


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