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Rain Alarm

Rain Alarm v5.5.9 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Category:Weather Apps OS:Android

Size:12.0 MB Latest update:Jan 23, 2024


About Rain Alarm

  In the past, people used to predict the weather by observing the weather or by measuring instruments, which was often inaccurate and time-consuming. 

  With the rapid advancement of time, the National Weather Service has been able to accurately predict the weather on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis, and people can be well prepared for bad weather by checking the weather forecast. However, nowadays people are getting busier and busier and often forget to check the weather forecast for the day. Rain Alarm will solve this problem by reminding users to stop outdoor exercise before a rainstorm arrives!

What is Rain Alarm App

  Rain Alarm is a useful and convenient bad weather warning app that not only provides you with weather information at all hours of the day, but you will also receive alerts from Rain Alarm in the form of vibration or sound alerts from the National Weather Service and the government, so you don't have to worry about the accuracy of the source of the information. 

  Rain Alarm also has a localized overview map where you can get the latest rainfall conditions, including precipitation amounts and durations. In short, Rain Alarm provides you with the most comprehensive and detailed rainfall information, so you never have to worry about forgetting to bring your umbrella or raincoat during a thunderstorm again!

Features of Rain Alarm App:

1. Timely alerts in bad weather

  It must be terrible to have to stop your outdoor activities when it rains heavily. Although people can't control the weather, they can predict the weather so that they can be well-prepared for it. 

  Rain Alarm is such a software that can send rain or storm alerts to the users in time by means of vibration or sound, and the most important thing is that the weather information comes from the National The most important thing is that the weather information comes from the National Weather Service and the government, so it's absolutely safe and reliable!


2. Comprehensive rainfall overview

  What's special about Rain Alarm is that unlike other weather forecasting application, Rain Alarm can show you a comprehensive rainfall overview. Users can see the rainfall situation in their own area or their friend's area through the local overview map, which will include the amount of precipitation and its duration, etc., and will be differentiated by different colors, so that you can see the rain situation around you at a glance.

3. Various widgets

  Widget design is very popular among most cell phone users, and Rain Alarm has responded to the user's demand by designing a variety of widgets with different sizes, appearances and colors for users to choose from, which can be adjusted according to their own preferences or the layout of the phone. These widgets allow you to know the latest weather information as soon as you turn on your phone, which is very practical and convenient!


4. Detailed Rainfall Information

  Rain Alarm doesn't just alert you if it's raining today. At the same time, it also adds a lot of information about the weather for the user, such as rainfall, temperature, humidity, wind and so on, and every hour of the day will provide you with weather information No matter when and where you can always capture your location, through the radar to understand the local rainfall, timely and accurate detection of real-time data, so as to realize the upcoming rainfall accurate forecasts and warnings!

5.Traveling essential helper

  This application is perfect for people who travel a lot, the weather is closely related to their outdoor activities. Whether it is outdoor cycling, driving, hiking, jogging, walking on the beach, or family barbecues, picnics, outdoor parties, you need to pay attention to the weather, in case the activity is in the middle of the rainstorms, which affects the mood and disrupts the travel plans!

Download the Latest Version of Rain Alarm APP

  Overall, Rain Alarm not only reminds people of rainfall and storms, but also allows them to switch regions and learn about the weather in other places. At the same time, it updates the rainfall situation and duration in real time, so that people can have a better judgment of the current situation and be well-prepared, which is a must-have software for home and travel, so please download it.


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