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WinZip – Zip UnZip Tool

WinZip – Zip UnZip Tool v7.1.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

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Size:23.2 MB Latest update:Jan 08, 2024


About WinZip – Zip UnZip Tool

 Have you ever wished you could quickly and easily compress and share large files with friends and colleagues? Well, with the latest version of the WinZip app, you can do just that! At the moment, the most widely used file decompression program is WinZip. It's just as well known as the widely used WinRar. 


 WinZip is a well-known brand because it offers many useful functions on one of the most widely used operating systems - Android. It can exchange, decompress and compress files directly from the cloud when it is online. It can also create and load .zip and .zipx files and unzip archives. It can also create smaller files. It is the easiest and most efficient program you will ever come across for opening Zip files. 



Numerous File Types Support 

 WinZip can open and compress numerous file types, including PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, and PPTX. Its ability to handle multiple file types in a single application makes it a favourite among users who handle a lot of data processing and work remotely. This file archiver is also capable of opening various picture, text, and web file types. The software can open various file types, including .apk, .cbz, .jpg, .jpeg, .txt, .css, .xml, .csv, java, and xml files.

High-Speed Archive

 The archive feature aims to help users compress multiple files or a single folder into a unique format provided by the application. It compresses files or folders, simplifying file sharing, speeding up the process, and making file transfers and copies easier. Compressed files are smaller than normal files, making them accessible to anyone in the future. Users can submit several files or a single folder using this capability. Moreover, they can compress any format and access the content at a later time.

Ensured Security

 Working with compressed critical files is made more efficient and functional by the program's password mechanism. WinZip allows users to encrypt compressed files, enhancing security and facilitating the sharing of crucial data. Password hints can be provided for files, but it is recommended to secure data when posting to the internet to prevent information from being deleted. Private financial data should be protected with robust 256-bit AES or 128-bit encryption before being shared or backed up.


 System customization allows users to engage with a wider range of systems, including compression and decompression. The program displays the necessary questions or alternatives before each process, enabling users to directly modify the file structure or index before compression. The same applies to unpacking, where users can modify the address, format, or focus on a specific unit instead of decompressing the entire package.


Competitive Advantages

➔ Image Viewing

 The initial image viewing function cannot be used with usual zip files. However, our exclusive sophisticated picture viewer can open and display all photographs in the zip file. It is possible to examine every image in a file uploaded to the cloud using WinZip. Additionally, there are numerous photo sets that need to be removed as best as possible. 

➔ Synchronization

 WinZip allows users to transfer files from their cloud storage accounts to their phones easily. You can share, decompress, and compress files from the cloud when you're online. Moreover, you can instantly link your personal cloud account with us and your app account. 

➔ Extract with Ease

 WinZip's zip extractors allow users to easily access all files and data included in a zip file. It supports various file formats, including WinRAR, 7zip, and other zip formats. The software is user-friendly and offers several options, such as the ability to choose where to save the data after decompression.

Download WinZip Now!

 Download the WinZip app today and discover the benefits of its latest version! Join us on this exciting journey to make your file sharing experiences simpler and more efficient than ever before.


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